I posted the other day about the DIY pet stairs my husband made to get our little dogs up onto our new king size bed. The old stairs were too short, so they needed to be replaced. Additionally, our big dog is leaving us soon due to cancer, so we decided it was time to make some custom stairs for the little girls.

Traditional dog stairs have a steep rise which is too high for our small dog’s short legs. The new homemade stairs have an approximately 4″ rise and an 8″ depth, which is a much better fit for their stature.

Why Your Dogs Need Pet Stairs

Pet stairs do more than getting the pups up onto the bed; they prevent the dogs from jumping off, which can put tremendous strain on their legs and hips. Many small dogs have knee problems as well, so this is a great way to stave off pain and possible surgery.

The stairs were built from scrap materials (read DIY Pet Stairs – Simple Steps You Can Make Yourself) including the FLOR carpet tiles.  You can purchase FLOR online by the tile or buy similar low-pile carpeting from your favorite home store. We chose FLOR because they’re easy to cut to size, and they’re completely washable. We used leftover paint from our master bedroom remodel as well, so the only cost was two handles from the hardware store to make moving and carrying the stairs easier. No leftover lumber? The cost to purchase the wood would be about $60.

The finished DIY Pet Stairs and Gracie, our Maltese.

Gracie’s enjoying the new bed.

The finished stairs look great. The photo changes the color of the carpet and blends it into a green – in person they’re stripes of yellow, teal, and white.  The stairs were painted the trim color, Martha Stewart’s Tailor’s Chalk White in semi-gloss which matches the white Ikea bed we purchased handsomely.

The little dogs were afraid of the steps at first – they don’t like anything new – so we used tiny pieces of cheese to coax them up and down the first few times. Now they use them with ease, and I love the look of the new wooden stairs. They’re a definite improvement over the plastic stairs!

The finished DIY Pet Stairs from the top

The finished DIY Pet Stairs from the top

Not ready to go the DIY route?  Or want something that takes up a little less space? We use a high-density foam pet stair in the living room. The girls have no problem with them. Jewel is about 11 pounds, and Gracie is 6. I wouldn’t use them for dogs over 15-20 pounds as I think they become unstable at that point.

Small dog pet stairs you can purchase online:

4 Step Portable Pet Stairs By Majestic Pet Products Gray Links Steps for Cats and Dogs We have the 3-step version of these pet stairs in our living room. Gracie, our Maltese (she’s 5lbs) has no problem going down, but she finds the first step much too high going up. Other than that, these are perfect, lightweight, and portable stairs, and they’re moved all over our living room so she can get up on whatever piece of furniture she desires (spoiled :)) The best part? They’re attractive and not the horrid plastic versions. We’ve had some of the plastic versions, and the dogs hated them – the sound of them being moved and stepped on to scared them. 4 Step Portable Pet Stairs By Majestic Pet Products Gray Links Steps for Cats and Dogs
 6-step Dog Stairs for Pets – 5″ step x 5″ rise

 6-step Dog Stairs for Pets - 5" step x 5" rise