Gracie - the little one (5lb Maltese)

Gracie – the little one (5lb Maltese)

I’ve become that old lady – you know the one who replaced her grown children with dogs that she treats like her babies. Yep, that’s me. My three dogs and I spend more time together than I do with any human being. These three little creatures are here to keep me company, entertain me with their silliness, and to provide loving companionship – and boy do they.
My three dogs are as different in their personalities as they are in their size. The big guy is the sweetest and most gentle; the little one the toughest and most tomboyish. The middle one is definitely suffering from middle-child-syndrome. She’s just happy to be here and doesn’t make waves.

Because they’re my “babies” now  I do tend to spoil them. No, I do not take them around in a stroller and I only put a t-shirt on the little one in the winter when she’s cold – I haven’t gone completely over the edge – yet! My idea of spoiling is letting them up on the bed or couch, giving them extended petting and play sessions, and going for rides in the car. My husband on the other hand equates love with food, so he fills them full of treats. I think we balance each other out nicely and the pets seem to understand he’s the treatman and I’m the pet’r.

Blaze - docile and sweet this Brittany has a heart of gold

Blaze – docile and sweet this Brittany has a heart of gold

I’ve mentioned a few times now that our big dog, Blaze, has terminal cancer. He’s doing remarkably well for a dog that’s so very anemic. His cancer is incurable and it’s ravaging his bladder, but his appetite is good so we feed him whatever he wants.

We’ve had this sweet dog since our children were young and it’s so hard to accept the fact that in a very short time, he’ll no longer be with us, and a large part of my kids’ childhood will be gone. But I don’t regret it for one moment. Having this sweet animal taught my children how to care for others and how to love.  Those are some pretty big lessons wrapped up in a bundle of fur and long lanky legs.

So to thank our sweet pup for all he’s done and all that he’s added to our lives,  we’re feeding him anything he wants and we’re always looking for the best dog treats to share with him before he goes.  The people at Cesar’s sent some Cesar Cookie Crunchies for our pups to try out and we were thrilled to give them a shot.

Cesar Canine Cookie Crunchies - great dog treats

Cesar Canine Cookie Crunchies – tiny dog treats for small dogs or training come in two flavors – Filet Mignon and Rotisserie Chicken

True to form, the little one and the big one loved them; the middle one was not interested. So 2-out-of-3 dogs loved them!  And even though these are treats for small dogs, my big dog loved them!  They are the perfect size for training treats or to use in some of the dog puzzle toys.

They’re crunchy dog biscuits with a strong meat odor so the dogs were very attracted to them.  They do have preservatives and corn, two things I don’t like to see in my dog’s food and treats, but since they eat just a couple, I’m ok with it. Still, I’d love to see the line move toward more natural and even organic food.  Little dogs especially need great nutrition in the small amount of food they eat.

I know that when our beloved dog dies we’ll have to cut back on the treats for the other two and it’s nice to know that these new treats are only 10 calories each. I think they may need a little weight control when this is all over.

So how do you show your dogs love?

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