I was invited to the Microsoft Windows Power Blogger Lunch today. It was held at a restaurant in University Village, very near the University of Washington campus, and about 2o miles from my home.  It’s been years, as in probably 10 or more, since I’ve been to the University Village Shopping Center (aka U Village by the locals like my hubby – he grew up about 2 miles from there on Capitol Hill).  I wasn’t looking forward to the traffic, which was horrendous, but I was looking forward to talking about technology, seeing my blogging buddies, and checking out U Village again.

Kristina and M chatting about technology

Kristina and M chatting about technology or maybe sunglasses 🙂

I arrived harried and in a hurry because although I’d allotted one hour for the drive, it took an hour and twenty minutes. But as I looked for a parking spot I couldn’t help but be amazed at all of the stores I didn’t know existed there!  A quick trip up into the parking garage and I was on foot and fifteen minutes late. It was hard walking past so many unique stores, but I reminded myself that I was there as Microsoft’s guest and already late, so I behaved myself and headed to the restaurant – Grace Kitchen.

The Microsoft representative, Kristina, is fabulous. She’s funny and friendly and although we were a bit rushed at lunch and the restaurant was very noisy, we talked about technology and how we integrate it into our lives and what we’d like to see in the future. We spoke about video chatting and how it fits into our lives – some use it quite often, others not as much, and some who would like to learn more about how to integrate it and make it a useful tool. I personally love to video chat when working on business – it’s easier to teleconference and follow the conversation when voice and facial expressions can be read.

Now don’t think it was all business.  This mom of adult children got her fill of little ones – first with Miss Q who’s nearly two and as adorable as they come.  Then after lunch I got the chance to hang with M & Z and their mom and we had cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes (a place I’ve longed to visit – the lemon cupcake was definately worth the drive), checked out Ravenna Gardens where we took pictures among the plants (and I later went back and spent $80 on garden-themed items for our bedroom remodel), and then we bought books and read for a while next to the play space.

Sun Day in Seattle

(sorry – music starts out really loud!)

We ran out of time but had planned on visiting the new Microsoft Store along with Restoration Hardware. It was hard saying good-bye to my special little friends on such a glorious day in the sun, but we promised to get together again soon.

I took a leisurely route home along Lake Washington, one of the most beautiful drives we have here in Seattle.  Sweeping views of Mount Rainier in the background and the floating bridge in the foreground so stunning it’s almost hard to believe it’s real ( sorry, my iPod Touch just couldn’t catch the magnitude of its beauty so I won’t bother to post the pictures here – you’ll just have to trust me that it’s a drive worth making).

My husband and I are lying on our new bed and chatting about the day. We’re both talking about making another trip back to U Village and definitely another drive along the lake, soon. Only this time I’ll let him drive and I’ll take a real camera along.

So, that was my day – how was yours?

Special thanks to Microsoft for inviting me and to the blogger mom’s who let me hang with the kids.


Photo Credits: Store photos via University Village website