Gail Simmons Kentucky Derby Ginger Lemon Tulep

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When I think of the Kentucky Derby I think of big hats, fabulous dresses, and mint juleps. Now, I’ve never actually ever had a mint julep but they sound pretty divine. If you’re hosting a Kentucky Derby party this weekend and are looking for something a little different to serve, check out the recipe Gail Simmons created.

Gail is  featured on Bravo’s Top Chef and a chef in her own right. She’s made a Lemon Ginger Tulep which is made up of homemade ginger simple syrup, ginger-ale, Lipton Lemon Pure Leaf Tea, and candied ginger – sounds refreshing!
Ginger and lemon not your thing? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other options to make your party special.

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We don’t watch the Kentucky Derby up here in the north and we don’t wear fabulous hats (but I think secretly we’d love to), but we are celebrating the fact that my son started his first real job today!  He’s now officially using his college degree!  We’re so excited and we’ll be making tea cocktails, but I didn’t want you to miss out on these great recipes.  We’ll likely be making the Green Tea Cosmos – they have juices that we already love and Lipton Pure Leaf  Sweatened Ice Tea so they’re sure to be a hit around here!

I’ll post our creations next week (updated – read: Recipe: My Lipton Pure Leaf Brewed Tea Cocktail – A Tasty Mistake). Until then, for you that do enjoy the Kentucky Derby, how do you celebrate? Do you do special food and drinks? Are you tradionalist with the julep or are you doing something special?  I’d love to hear about it!

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Please ALWAYS drink responsibly and remember buzzed driving is drunk driving.

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