All you film geeks that want to know more about the movies you love now have a new way to get “Inside the Script!”  Warner Bros. Digital has released electronic versions of some of their fan’s favorite films and they’ve made them available for the Kindle, NOOK, and eReaders.

But you get more than the script; you get illustrated eBooks with the actual shooting script plus rare materials from the Warmer Bros Archives as well.  This can be movie posters, set design, storyboards, candid photos, production notes, behind-the-scene photos, and historical documents.

The first scripts in the series of “Inside the Script” titles are all timeless and classic cinematic treasures which include: “Casablanca,” “North by Northwest,” “An American in Paris,” and  “Ben-Hur.”

“People love movies because of the stories they tell,” said Thomas Gewecke, President of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. “Now we can give fans rarely seen details of how these stories came together and take their enjoyment of films to a whole new level.”

Warner Bros Inside the Script available on your favorite eReader

Warner Bros Inside the Script available on your favorite eReader

Here are some highlights for the first in series “Inside the Script” titles:

  • Casablanca: Inside the Script” – production and script notes by producer Hal Wallis; Hal Wallis telegram refuting the Jack Warner fight, plus memos and telegrams from Jack Warner.
  • Ben-Hur: Inside the Script” – captions and forward written by Fraser C. Heston (Charlton’s son), wardrobe and makeup tests, sample matte paintings, and production design sketches.  Charlton Heston’s shooting and acting journals and development details on MGM’s MGM Camera 65, a proprietary widescreen process.
  • An American in Paris: Inside the Script” – complete shooting script, Vincente Minnelli’s treatment for the ballet sequence, MGM production design collection in design paintings, and the tickets for the film’s Hollywood premiere.
  • North by Northwest: Inside the Script” – Alfred Hitchcock’s (director) main title sequence and editing notes. Music notes from Bernard Herrmann, Composer.  Photos including makeup and hair tests and crop duster sequence, plus more.

Pick up the “Inside the Script” series on your favorite electronic reader from Amazon KindleiBookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK for approximately $9.99 per title.

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