Month: April 2012

BOB’S BURGERS Season 1 On DVD Today! @bobsburgersfox @FoxHomeEnt

Bob’s Burgers (Season 1) was released today on DVD by  Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  It’s the #1 animated premier of this 2010/2011 season and it’s filled with some awesomely quirky characters who do some really crazy stuff.  But then that’s the fun of animation – you can go over the top and it adds to the fun.  It follows Bob Belcher, a third-generation restaurateur, who’s running Bob’s Burgers with the assistance of his wife and kid.  Bob’s is a greasy spoon with spotty service and a lousy location, but Bob is convinced his burgers make it all worthwhile. This new DVD goes...

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Community: Glad Black Bag Art Auction and Mosaic Artist Jason Mecier – Bid to Win!

Garbage to most of us is just a nusiance we have to deal with – fill the bag, take out the trash, fill another bag, then take it to the curb on pick-up day.  Rarely do we think beyond those terms; that is unless a bag breaks or leaks and then there’s a whole new set of problems to deal with. But luckily, there are some really creative people who look at trash as art and Glad has partneres with once such artist to present the Glad Black Bag Art Auction. Mosaic artist Jason Mecier was tapped to create four...

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DIY Home: Master Bedroom Update – Patching and Priming

Priming before painting isn’t always necessary – not any more.  Many paints have primers built-in and so the extra step isn’t necessary.  There are times though when priming is a must.  If you’re covering stained walls, walls with smoke odors, or if you have a mildew problem, then you’ll need to take this extra step.  We did need to prime the ceiling after we had the 1970’s popcorn ceiling removed*, so we primed all the surfaces. Before you prime the walls must be clean and dry.  We primed after using a TSP substitute to remove wallpaper paste, dirt, and...

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Carters Sweepstakes to Celebrate Release What to Expect When You’re Expecting

If I could give new mom’s one piece of advice it would be to relax.  Enjoy every moment because it truly will be just the blink of an eye and that infant will be off to college. It won’t be easy and there will be a lot of times that you’ll question yourself and wonder why you decided to be a mom. Yes, I remember those days well, too. But those days will be few and far between over the course of your child’s lifetime and the great days and fabulous memories will far outweigh the sleepless nights, vomit, and more....

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Universal Studios THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT in Theaters 4/27/12

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview Jason Segal and Nicholas Stoller during the press junket for the Muppets Movie and the pair impressed me with the camaraderie and silliness. The duo wrapped the Muppets and immediately started on this film for Universal Studios. Their new comedy, The Five-Year Engagement, begins where a lot of romantic comedies end – with the engagement and wedding.  Only this time something goes wrong and the wedding gets delayed…so they reschedule and that falls through. Soon it’s been five years and they’re still waiting to take the trip down the aisle. The film was written...

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