My kids grew up with the Nickelodeon Channel on TV and they LOVED Double Dare with Marc Summers. It was a show of silly questions and challenges and it encouraged my boys to seek out toys to mimic what they saw on TV – goopy and gross stuff which is how we happened upon Nickelodeon Gak and Floam. After a hiatus, these two fun compounds are back and made-over for fun and safety!

Nickelodeon Gak 

Gak is Back Video – Play Ideas

Gak was reformulated but it hasn’t lost its best properties – it’s still bouncy, squishy, and if you poke it just right, it still makes fart sounds.  It comes packaged in a fun splatter-shaped plastic container that keeps it ready for play. It can be stretched, pulled, swung, swacked, and generally used in all kinds of silly ways. But keep it away from fabric (say the couch) as it can embed itself and make it difficult to remove. It’s best played with on a flat, solid surface that’s washable.

Nickelodeon Floam

Commercial and project ideas

The kid also loved Floam. Nickelodeon Floam is different from Gak in that it’s moldable and can hold its shape. It also comes in a reusable storage container, this time a half moon. Parents you’ll need to condition your Floam before the kids start playing with it so plan to spend 5-10 minutes kneeding it before the first use. This massages the liquid eveny throughout the Floam and allows it to mold more easily so the kids will be more successful at modling shapes. In turn, they’ll have a better experience overall. Plus, if you give your child a small amout of Floam to condition too, you can turn the prep into part of the fun as well.

You don’t need to use a mold to play with Floam, but it does add to the fun. If you leave your item out in the air to dry, it will eventually harden and be permanently molded.

Nickelodeon Floam

Nickelodeon Floam

So why reformulate two beloved kids’ molding products? Because Nickelodeon has improved them by making them non-toxic, phthalate-free, latex-free, non-staining, and BPA-free. But the best part about the new duo? They encourage creative thinking and imaginative open-ended play – ie., kids are learning while playing! You’ve gotta love a toy that is educational and fun!

Both Nickelodeon Gak and Floam are available at toy stores and department stores nationwide as well as online retailers like Amazon.comand

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