We’re still moving along and making progress in our master bedroom makeover.  I know, most people can do it in a weekend, but we’re working around jobs and very rare sunshine here in Seattle. When the sun does peek out, even for a short time, we run outside to enjoy it since we never know when we’ll see it again!

But we did finish priming and we’ve gone on to painting.  We went with the same trim color as the main bathroom and hallway projectMartha Stewart’s Tailor’s Chalk.  First because it’s low-VOC and second because the color is perfect – bright white, but not stark. We’re trying to use the same color on all the trim in the house because over the years, as colors changed, so did the trim. At one point I think we had three different colors in the house – all a variation on white. It makes it really hard to touch up when you’re trying to figure out which can of leftover paint to use.

Behr Color Smart Preview Program

Behr Color Smart Preview Program

Cutting In with the Behr Silver Drop Paint over Kilz Primer

Cutting In with the Behr Silver Drop Paint over Kilz Primer

Ultimately for the wall and ceiling color we ended up not using Martha Stewart and instead went with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Satin Enamel. We chose the Behr because it’s a paint and primer in one, stain resistant, and it’s quick drying (to the touch about 1 hour, to recoat about 2). One gallon covers between 250-400 square ft depending on the coverage and the condition of the surface – a primed or previously painted surface will take less paint than a newly plastered wall.  Clean up is done with soap and water. The paint had little to no odor, and I believe it’s no-VOC, but I’m not able to find anything on the label to verify it.

We also opted for the Behr because they had colors we loved.  We went with two shades of gray, just two levels apart, for a soft, monotone look. I previewed what the colors would look like with their room visualizer and although on my monitor the colors are darker and bluer, they still look fabulous together and I check the chips at the store before ordering the paint.

The brown color in the color chart above represents our floor and current furniture. We’ve not decided on an accent color and probably won’t for a while yet. We purposely went with a color that can be combined with so many others and I plan on changing it up every 6 months or so.  We definitely aren’t going to go 20 years again before we change the colors and with a neutral color on the wall we can accomplish this.

We’ll have some touch up paint after we put up the trim, but for the most part the walls and ceiling are done.

Next up:  Trim time!


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