Our Family - Early 90's

I don’t write a lot about my life because quite frankly it’s boring.  But Chrissy from Dear Chrissy asked a question on Facebook that made me rethink my position and I decided to share a little bit about my journey as a mother.  The first it about regrets.

Thankfully I don’t have a huge list of regrets about my tenure as a mom, but I do have some.  Some were instant regrets – things I did that I was ashamed of myself for doing immediately after.  Other things took time, years after the event, to realize I’d made a mistake that I would later regret.

Here’s my list of things I wish I’d have done or not done as a mom – my list of regrets.

I wish….

Big brother Brian meets his new little brother, Alex, for the first time 1/13/88
  • …I would have learned how to convince without yelling and persuade without loosing my temper and certainly I should have learned to set a better example.
  • …I wouldn’t have missed a Science Fair, Cub Scout meeting, concert, soccer game, Halloween, etc., because I was tired that day and begged off. I didn’t realize how few chances you really get to do those things in your lifetime.
  • … we’d have gotten a dog earlier – the amount of joy he’s added to our lives is worth all the puke clean up and hassles he’s brought upon us.
  • …I’d have played more with my kids. Again, that “I’m too tired,” excuse.  And I was tired, I worked full time and I also worked a part-time job for 5 of those years.  Plus I had some mysterious illness that caused me extreme fatigue.  But I wish I’d found a way to push through it, to put playing with the kids first.
  • …had quit my job sooner. I worked full-time until the kids were in high school. I made a great  salary and I was too worried about being a single mom with two kids and no skills.  I didn’t believe in my marriage enough to make that choice and yet we’re still happily married and in year 29.
  • …I would have made food and nutrition a priority. If I had the information I do now, then I’m sure I would have done a better job. But I gave in to the fast food for the picky eater syndrome.  I wouldn’t make that mistake again.
  • …I’d had more kids.  I’m not ready to not have children in my daily life.

If only there was a do-over for important stuff like being a mom.

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