Vegan cooking has come a long way in the last few years. What used to be thought of as a fringe diet is now more mainstream; because people are finding out that going vegan doesn’t mean giving up a lot of the foods they love. You don’t have to become a crunchy, sandal-wearing hippy to enjoy the health benefits of an animal-free diet. In fact, the more I learn about the vegan lifestyle, the more I think that perhaps someday I’ll make the move from vegetarian to vegan and this book, 150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes is one book that may help that transition.

150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes Cookbook

150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes Cookbook – Tropic Fruit Muffin Recipe

First, because  150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes shows that vegan recipes are easy, made from ingredients I usually have on hand, and they are as close to clean eating as you can get. The ingredients that may be new to non-vegetarians and vegans are the non-dairy milk substitutes (and no, I’m not talking about that chemical laden stuff by the same name you put in your coffee – read those labels, that stuff is frightening!). These recipes use soy, almond, rice or another milk substitute as well as yogurt for the liquid in recipes. In place of dairy butter, vegan butter which is generally made from vegetable oil is used. Sure, there are some added seeds like flax seeds that are good for you and in most cases are easily hidden in the taste of the muffin, but they provide so many significant health benefits they’re worth the time to locate them. If your local store doesn’t carry them go online, many online retailers do.

150 Best Vegan Muffin RecipesThe book also gives you plenty of information on the equipment you’ll need, plus baking hints and tips so you’ll be able to create some healthy and delicious muffins. And don’t worry if you’re a beginner, there’s help for you with ingredient substitutions and measuring.  You’ll soon realize that making muffins from scratch is as easy as opening a box, but they’re healthier because they’re not full of preservatives and chemicals.

The muffins in this book cover more than just the traditional fruit breakfast muffin; there are recipes for formal events, buffets, special occasions, and even savory options for dinner.

Vegan Jelly Donuts Muffin Recipe

150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes Cookbook –  Jelly Doughnut Muffin Recipe

The most unusual muffin recipes? The chocolate avocado muffin that uses smashed avocado for the liquid and fat – I’ve tried avocado brownies before, and you honestly can’t taste the avocado. There are also French toast muffins, trail mix muffins, chocolate chip coffee cake muffins, sweet potato sage muffins, and so many more.

The recipes are easy to read, offer suggestions or tips to ensure you’re successful and there are some color photos. Sadly, not for every recipe which is my preference.

About the Author

Camilla V Saulsbury works as a freelance food author, recipe creator and cooking teacher. She’s been seen on the Food Network, written for the prestigious New York Times, and she’s been highlighted on Today and QVC. Saulsbury has won some prominent cooking competitions, including the $25,000 Ultimate Recipe Showdown on the Food Network (Cookies episode).  She’s a prolific cookbook author, and I own several of her books.

150 Best Vegan Muffin Recipes Book Details

  • Paperback
  • 16 pages of color photographs
  • ISBN 978-0-7788-0292-1
  • Publication date: February 2012

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