Nipozzano WineI am not a wine aficionado so please forgive me if you are.  I don’t know about tasting notes and I have never been able to taste what the experts do; I just know if I think it is pleasant to drink, or not.  For me, a wine is fabulous if it is something I can sip and enjoy with friends – yes, I probably have low expectations – but I know what I like.

So since I’m not an expert, I’m going to rely a bit on the vintner’s description for this wine.  I’ll tell you that the Nipozzano Riserva 2008 is said to have the aromas of raspberry, dried plum, and sour cherry. And those aromas are “lifted in turn by spicier impressions” of vanilla, black pepper, espresso bean, and cocoa powder.

Ok, so none of that means anything to me and try as I might, I don’t smell any of those when I sniff it, it smells like wine.  Granted, I drink; I don’t swish and savor. I’m sure the notes are there and someone who’s much more schooled in the art of wine would be able to detect them.

What I look for is a vintage that’s smooth, clean, and vibrant and the Nipozzano  Riserva 2008 covers all that. It’s an award winning wine that is in the affordable category and perfect for anyone looking for a great glass of wine.  It’s said to pair will with barbecued meat and aged cheese and on that I can agree. Had we not consumed the entire bottle, I’d have added it to my next beef stew – it would be a fabulous base for an amazing dish.

Nipozzano  Riserva Chianti Rufina is a historic wine produced by Castello di Nipozzano in the Chianti Rufina area.  Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi has thirty generations behind it all.  Their goal is to produce the best Tuscan wines.  They are currently distributed to 65 countries

To find a provider near you, use the Frescobaldi Taste & Buy locator online. Retail price is around $20.