Bath time isn’t just for getting clean.  It’s a chance to have fun and bond with your child. Bath time can be something you both look forward to if you take a few easy steps to make it a relaxed and fun.

We’ve teamed with Gerber Childrenswear to help make bath time easier and more fun. Gerber is a name synonymous with babies. From their baby food and life insurance policies to their childrenswear, Gerber is a part of the American infant’s life.

Infant and Child Bath Time Hints & Tips

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    Baby Bath Time

    Establish a bath time routine – baths don’t have to be taken at night, they can be at any time that’s convenient, but try to do it at the same time each day. Say after nap or before bed. Children do better when they have a schedule and know what to expect.

  2. Have everything you need ready and within arm’s reach – for safety’s sake, never leave your child alone in the tub.  Children can drown in as little as 6” of water.
    • Bath wash or soap, shampoo, washcloth and hooded towel are must haves.
    • Set your child’s outfit and diaper out and ready to put on as soon as she’s dry.
  3. Include bath toys that allow you to interact with your child. For infants, use the washcloth to play a game of hide-and-seek or a squeaky water toy to share.
  4. Talk quietly and gently about the day’s events. Even tiny infants enjoy the sound of your voice and will interact with you – they’ll learn to equate bath time with soothing sounds and gentle touches.
  5. Put the bath off if a child is fussy – take care of any immediate needs like hunger, thirst, or sleepiness and try again tomorrow.  Missing one bath isn’t a big deal, but having a bath that’s traumatic can make every bath a struggle.
  6. End your child’s bathing routine with an activity appropriate for the time of day –after a nap perhaps lunch or a snack and before bed, teeth brushing and a storybook.

Bath time doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Start your child off right from the first bath and set the tone.  If it’s feeling overwhelming, stop, take a deep breath, smile, and try again.

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