150 Best Cupcake Recipes (cover)There are lots of books out there that claim to have the best recipes, but the 150 Best Cupcake Recipes truly has some phenomenal cupcake flavors and better yet, they’re all made from scratch, fast, and delicious!  There are so many great flavor options – from the slightly offbeat to the totally mainstream options.  Plus there are 25 vegan cupcake recipes – recipes that have no animal products including milk or eggs and use soy milk and cider vinegar for the liquid ingredients.

My favorites? Madeline Cupcakes, a take on the famous cookie, it’s vanilla, almond, and orange flavors are a nice change from the traditional cupcakes.  I also love the Boston Cream Cupcakes – vanilla cake with vanilla cream filling and a chocolate glaze.  With just a few exceptions, everything is made from scratch ingredients with no fussy directions – I love that.

150 Best Cupcake Recipes (cover)

Recipes include hints and tips for successful baking

The author gives tips and suggestions as well as alternative frosting options for many of the cupcakes and even includes a recipes for homemade marshmallows and cheesecakes made in foil cupcake wrappers.

My only complaint about the book is that the author never mentions using natural food coloring in place of the synthetic version and there are only a handful of photos (but those that are included are stunning). Otherwise the book is full of great tips like using real vanilla extract instead of imitation and good Dutch processed cocoa. Two minor transgressions in a book full of yummy goodness.

150 Best Cupcake RecipesThe  cookbook, 150 Best Cupcake Recipeswas written by Julie Hasson.  Her recipes and articles can be found in popular cooking magazines like Bon Appetit, Family Fun magazine, Vegetarian Times, and Cooking Light. She opened the original Babycakes Bakery in Los Angeles and is the host of “Everyday Dish,” a popular Internet cooking show. She’s also been featured on Martha Stewart Radio, Better, The Cooking Channel, and Better Portland. Julie’s current enterprise is a food cart called Native Bowl, which is located in Portland, Oregon.

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