I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview Jason Segal and Nicholas Stoller during the press junket for the Muppets Movie and the pair impressed me with the camaraderie and silliness. The duo wrapped the Muppets and immediately started on this film for Universal Studios.

Their new comedy, The Five-Year Engagement, begins where a lot of romantic comedies end – with the engagement and wedding.  Only this time something goes wrong and the wedding gets delayed…so they reschedule and that falls through. Soon it’s been five years and they’re still waiting to take the trip down the aisle.

Tom Solomon (JASON SEGEL) pops the question to Violet Barnes (EMILY BLUNT) in The Five-Year Engagement.

Tom Solomon (JASON SEGEL) pops the question to Violet Barnes (EMILY BLUNT) in The Five-Year Engagement.

The film was written by Segel and Stoller with Segel taking the leading role and Stoller directing.  Stoller also takes on the role of producer and he’s joined by Junny Apatow and Rodney Rothman. The film’s executive producers include Richard Vane and Jason Segel.

Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, The Adjustment Bureau) was the writers’ first choice to play Violet, the bride-to-be in the film.  She met with the team while they were still in the early stages and agreed to do the film because the character and story was a strong one.  She notes, “The story dealt with fundamental issues within a relationship, how the dynamics can shift on a daily basis depending upon how one person’s feeling and how that affects the other person. It captured that tug of-war between two people, and all the wonderful things that can happen when you’re in love.”

So will the sweethearts ever make it to the alter?  We’ll have to wait to see, but until then, check out Tom and Violet’s Wedding blog for the details.

The Five Year Wedding Blog – Introduction Video


US Theatrical Release Date:  April 27, 2012

Genre:   Comedy

Cast:  Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Rhys Ifans, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie

Rated: R