I got the chance to meet some fabulous folks from the Hallmark company a few weeks ago. I apologize for the delay in sharing the great event, but it’s been a little crazy around here with travel and remodeling. But I haven’t really forgotten about the day because it was one of tears and smiles and it reminded me why I love the Hallmark company so much and why I became an avid Hallmark Ornament collector to in late 80’s.

Rainy drive into downtown Seattle for the Hallmark Memories and Milestones Blogger Event

Rainy drive into downtown Seattle for the Hallmark Memories and Milestones Blogger Event

We met on a very cold and wet Seattle morning in a small little restaurant downtown.  I was there with a handful other bloggers from near and far, to meet Derek McCracken, Creative Director at Hallmark as well as writers Keion Jackson and Molly Wigand. The theme of the day was Tell Them which is their current campaign to encourage people to reach out and share with others.

Prior to the event, attendees were asked to write about a time that they’d given or received a special message in a card or letter (which I forgot to email :)), and the Hallmark folks surprised us with a very sweet video to open the event which included that information as well as people working at the Hallmark company and their experiences.  I’ll admit, like every good Hallmark production, I teared up a bit watching it.

Seattle Moments & Milestones Video

That video set the tone of the day – one of remembrance, laughter, and a few tears. More than just a chance for the company to talk to us, they sat with us, listened to us, engaged us, and really told us who they were, what they were interested in, and how much they loved working for the company.  I was instantly enthralled with the two writers –  Keion Jackson, a young man (young enough to be my son) who specializes in humor with an amazing smile that just made me want to give him a hug (which I did as we said good-bye) and Molly Wigand, a woman I could become fast friends with. She’s clever, funny, and warm.

The morning breezed by but there were a few outstanding moments. We got the opportunity to work with the writers to come up with greeting card sayings.  We were divided into groups and each assigned a Hallmark employee.  We got Derek McCracken and a photo of a very young boy in a cowboy suit.  The task was to turn it into a greeting card.  I admit, most of my suggestions were not Hallmark worthy, but it was great fun taking on the role of writer even for a few moments.

We also received Tell Me t-shirts and we were asked to fill in the blank. Some chose tell me I’m beautiful, lovable, your story and more.

Here’s mine:

I loved my time with the folks from Hallmark and was thrilled to learn more about the writing process and the way cards are produced from writer to art and finally to the store shelves.  I don’t think I’ll ever look at a greeting card the same again. I think I’ll always wonder about the person behind it.

Thanks so much for a magical morning, even in the gloom of a March day in Seattle and special thank to Molly Wigand for autographing two books that she wrote for some sweet little kids I need to remember to deliver to soon!

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