When we started our master bedroom update the first thing we wanted to change was the carpet.  When we bought the house we got a carpet allowance from the seller and I remember the hubby and I shopping with two very cranky little ones trying to figure out what carpet to purchase.  This was 1988 and there weren’t a lot of carpets that offered stain protection and those that did were out of our price range.  So we chose a nice mid-range carpet that boasted a 10-year warranty and we figured we’d be selling the house before we needed to repeat the carpet shopping trip from hell.

Master Bedroom Floor Replacement - left site painted, right side new Pergo flooring

Master Bedroom Floor Replacement - left side painted, right side new Pergo flooring - the bed frame, headboard, and footboard were removed and we're living on mattresses on the floor during the remodel. Fun stuff.

Our first mistake was buying a beige carpet with two kids. Sure, it looked good, but we were constantly trying to coax stains and dirt out of it. We bought every vacuum that boasted super cleaning power (the days before Hepa filters were aweful!) and we bought the first home rug cleaner that hit the market – a huge luxury. Prior to that rug cleaners were rental only and an expense we could only afford occasionally.

Well, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know that we are still in that starter house and that carpet that was supposed to have a 10-year life was still here just a few months ago. Sure, we changed the flooring in the rest of the house over the last 15 years, but the master bedroom was still sporting that lovely beige carpet in 2011 and it probably would still be there if it hadn’t been for our two small dogs. It survived the children, but it couldn’t survive the dogs.

So the carpet was pulled up and we sealed the subflooring with floor paint to be sure there weren’t any stains or smells left over from the carpet. Then we shopped for flooring. Traditional carpeting was out of the question because the dogs aren’t going anywhere. We have FLOR carpet tiles in the hallway (read: Decorating Your Stairs – Safety First, Style Second) and we love their washability and durability. My husband was really convinced he wanted carpeting in the bedroom so we priced it out on the FLOR site. Now our room isn’t huge, but the cost to use the carpet tiles was over $1k, so far out of our budget that he came to his senses and nixed that idea. So we went with the next best option for us – laminate flooring.

Steve installs the Pergo Laminate - headphones are for entertainment and not because it's noisy :)  He loves those things.

Steve installs the Pergo Laminate - headphones are for entertainment and not because it's noisy 🙂 He loves those things.

Steve has installed all the laminate in our home.  We chose it because of it durability – pets claws are tough on hardwoods – and how easy it is to clean.  We purchased top-of-the-line Pergo because we’ve already installed it in the main living area and kitchen and it wears like a champ. The only blemishes in our now 10-ish year old floor are from two dropped knives, about 5 years apart, that each landed with the blade embedded in the floor.  Other than that, there are no stains or lifted seems.

We tried the less expensive Ikea flooring in the boys’ bedrooms and are disappointed with the swelling of the seams; especially since the rooms have been empty since we put the flooring in.  Because our master bedroom gets a lot of traffic, we opted to upgrade to a better quality so we wouldn’t constantly worry about marring it.  Unfortunately, since it’s been so long since we purchased the original Pergo, that exact flooring wasn’t available any longer, so we chose the best match.

Installing Pergo is easy. First remove all the trim, lay down the vapor barrier, click and lock the piece together using simple tools available at your local home improvement store, cut pieces as needed with a power saw, and then replace the trim and thresholds as needed and you’re done! Our master bedroom plus small walk-in closet took a few afternoons and several bottles of great wine (I think next time it’ll go faster if the wine comes after the job is done :).

Here’s a how-to install a laminate floor video from Dremel Tools features Chip Wade with instructions for putting down a laminate floor.  Our Dremel Saw Max worked great!

What’s Next? Strip that wallpaper!

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