Quilt in a weekend - Dinosaur Train

Quilt in a weekend - Dinosaur Train

March is National Craft Month and even though it’s nearly the end of the month, we didn’t want to miss out on the celebration!  Quilting Treasures provided us with some great Dinosaur Train fabric and asked us to come up with a project. Since my mom is a master quilter (read:  Wordless Wednesday – Mom’s Newest Quilt Pieced and Ready for Quilting and My Downy Quilts for Kids Is Nearly Finished), we decided to come up with a quick and easy quilt that any home crafter could make with a sewing machine, a few yards of fabric, and a weekend.

We’ve dubbed this a  reading quilt since it’s the perfect size for a young child to curl up with or to spread under a tree to read a great book.  The toughest part for my mom was me harping on her that I needed to be able to make this with the tools most moms have at home, so I quickly banned all her specialty cutters and quilt goodies and made her go back to basics.  Oh, and I really did make much of it myself as the very crooked stitching shows, but I also took the photos, so my lovely mom is in most of them.

This quilt will be donated to a child through a hospital quilt fund.  Special thanks to Quilting Treasures  for donating the Dinosaur Train collection by Quilting Treasures fabric (please note that this fabric is not intended for children’s sleepwear).


  • 1-1/2 YARD each of two coordinating fabrics (3 total)
  • 1/4 – 1/2 YARD of feature fabric (depending on design)
  • Wonder Under Fusible Fabric
  • Fusible Quilt Batting
  • Permanent Marker (black)

Finished quilt measures approximately 41×41″

All seams are 1/4″


Preparing the back/front panels

Trim off selvage and then cut each piece of coordinating fabric 42×42″.  Measure 6″ from opposite ends of each piece and cut.

Swap the pieces so you have fab 1, fab 2, fab 1 and reverse and sew right sides together. This will reassemble your project into two 42×42″ alternating color front/back pieces.

Iron seams towards darkest color; press seam on right side to be assured the seam is flat

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Feature Applique

We used a cartoon character we found on the Dinosaur Train website on the coloring page and then increased the size of it with a printer.  When we got the desired size, we fused the Pellon Wonder Under (follow directions for heat setting from the package) to a piece of feature fabric large enough for the applique we’ll be cutting out.  In this case, some scaly looking fabric that’s perfect for dinosaur skin.

Cut the pattern out of the fabric that has the fusible webbing on the back.
Using tracing paper or freehand, draw the lines from the drawing onto the feature fabric  – you’ll be stitching or painting them in later. Remove the paper backing from the Pellon Wonder Under.
Now carefully iron on your applique(s) on to the front of the quilt and then stitch it in place using the lines you drew earlier.  We used a blanket stitch but you could use a zigzag or other decorative stitch.
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Assembly & Quilting

Once all of your appliques are in place, cut the fusible quilt batting to the front and back pieces sandwiching it between with the right sides out.  Iron the batting in place (follow the instructions on the package for heat setting).  Allow to cool.

Now mark where you’ll “quilt” the fabric.  We chose every 3″ and marked with a white fabric pencil.  We chose to quilt in both directions which made a fun box shape, however, you can quilt however you’d like.  On the yellow pieces we lifted the foot and freehanded a random pattern in a swirly fashion.  You can also use yarn and tie it off every 3″ with colorful yard (for older children because of choking hazard).

My measuring wasn’t perfect – start in the exact middle and measure out – otherwise you’ll have to do what I did which was cheat one of the center stripes. Newbie quilters! 🙂  When working with a lot of bulk, roll the quilt up to fit inside the machine.  Quilt all horizontal lines and then vertical.  Finish with freehand on small rectangles if desired.

Trim to square and downsize to 41×41″

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Cut 2″ wide strip (and length of fabric) of feature fabric.  Iron it in half, lengthwise.  Sew raw edge to quilt top.  Make mitered corners and splice as necessary.

Iron the binding flat and flip to the back – pin in place.  Iron and then sew “in the ditch” on the front side  (follow the stitching from when you attached the binding) making sure now and then that you’re catching the fabric on the back.  This makes for a nicer look on the front and you can hand sew anything you miss on the back or rip out the stitching and redo that section.

Now use a black permanent pen or paint pen to put in any features you didn’t sew during the applique process.  Cut any threads then wash.  Iron and present!

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The finished quilt

The finished quilt

The finished quilt

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No Sew Projects ♥ Fabric Locator

Easy covered photo project board, fabric covered frame, book coversDownload project sheets for no-sew covered memory board, fabric covered framebook covers, and easy lamp shade update projects using this cute fabric.  Or download an advanced quilt pattern and for even more fun, check out the March challenge from the Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club: download the instruction sheet to help your child make a windsock, to aid in learning about wind direction.

Dinosaur Train’s Nature Trackers Club is a FREE community for young children and their families to learn more about exploring and respecting the environment.  Enjoy free activities, games, and craft projects every month! Register for Nature Trackers Club online today.

Dinosaur Train fabrics are available at select independent retailers, information for locations near you is available at Quilting Treasures.

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