Earth Day may officially come just once a year on April 22, but you can commit to the earth every day but choosing products that are natural, recycleable, made from recycled products, or ones that encourage recycling!

Here are three products to help you in your efforts:

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycling Bin

This new soft-sided bin attaches to the inside of your kitchen cupboard door so it’s easy to separate out your recyclables. It holds up to 5 gallons (the equivalent of 36 uncrushed soda cans) and it’s large enough to hold your gallon milk jugs (hint, squeeze out the air from your jug and recap it to save space in the bin! Works with 2-liter soda bottles, too!).  The bag itself is made from post-consumer resin (65%) and it’s machine washable.  It’s got just enough stiffness to keep its shape but it’s soft enough to mold around anything under your sink.  To empty, just lift, tote, and dump!  See an interactive product demo here.  Purchase the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycling Bin online for $17.59 at the Rubbermaid Website or at local retailers nationwide.

Repurpose Insulated Hot CupsRepurpose Insulated Hot Cup

Of course a reusable cup is best, but there are times when a disposable is your only option and now there’s a greener choice.  The Repurpose Insulated Hot Cup will keep your hot beverage warmer longer. Not only does it keep the heat from escaping, it’s made with a single wall cup that has a pantented insulater, so you won’t burn your hands and  you won’t need an additional sleeve.  But even better, it composts in 90-days in a commercial composter and the production of it generates less CO2 than the standard paper cup.  But you won’t sacrifice usability to be greener – it’s a sturdy cup and it doesn’t add that horrible plastic taste Styrofoam cups do, and you’ll enjoy the ease of use!  Use them for hot or cold foods, soups, chilis and more – they’re made without the use of chlorine and with soy-based inks.  Better for you and the earth!  Purchase Repurpose® 12-Ounce Insulated Disposable Cups (Set of 12) for $4.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond  or The Gourmet Guild in Brooklyn, NY.

Natural DentistNatural Dentist

This might seem a strange addition but paying attention to what you’re putting into your body results in a better environment for everyone.  Less toxic chemicals being put into our waste streams to make their way back into our drinking water. Your teeth and gums will benefit from the Natural Dentist Gum Rinse; you’re putting  the best in your mouth.  It’s formulated without alcohol, artificial sweeteners, harsh chemicals, preservatives, and dyes.  Just all-natural ingredients that taste good, work, and have little effect on the environment when you expel it into the drain.  The choices you make from soap, shampoo, cleaners, and even toothpaste and mouthwash make a difference because every one of those items goes into our waste system.  Plus, you get the benefit of using products that are gentle but effective.  A win/win!  Learn more about Natural Dentist products and their 6 different formulations for rinses including one specially formulated for kids!

So, what will you do to make today Earth Day in your home?


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