I tried very hard to get the pose and lighting the same, but the after is in a brighter light

I tried very hard to get the pose and lighting the same, but the after is in a brighter light

So it’s been 4 weeks since I started using Meaningful Beauty twice a day and time for the promised update and review (read Meaningful Beauty and Cindy Crawford Are Becoming a Part of my Daily Routine).  So does Meaningful Beauty work as promised? Well, that depends.  I did see some difference – my flakiness was gone instantly and that was a nice change.  And my pores are definitely cleaner, though still large, but that’s probably genetic. But I didn’t really see any huge, drastic changes in the amount of my wrinkles.  Perhaps if I’d have started using this in my 40’s instead of 50’s I wouldn’t have had as many as I do.

I will say using the product was easy.  Following the whole routine took just 3-4 minutes both morning and evening.   I loved some of the products and would continue using if I was able to purchase them separately.  I loved the Crème de Serum – the way that it glides on and feels on my skin is fabulous.  Any extra on my fingers I’d rub into my hands and the softness was nice.  I also really loved the Glycolic Treatment Pads – they had a slight citrus fragrance and really felt like it was providing the exfoliation it promised.  And by far my favorite product was the Skin Brightening Décolleté and Neck Treatment SPF 15 – what an unexpected bonus!  On older women the decollete area between the breasts really shows age and this made a seriously huge difference in the look and feel of my skin there.

There is defiantly a small improvement in the wrinkles - again the lighting is off on the second photo

Breakouts for the last 3-1/2 weeks

What I didn’t enjoy and found really disappointing was the Antioxidant Day Crème SPF 20 UVA/UVB.  I tried it once and found it irritated my skin so I stopped using it.  In fact, my skin broke out shortly after starting the new routine and it’s not cleared up the entire trial period and in the last two days it’s gotten considerably worse with a huge, painful breakout on my chin.  I’m guessing my combination skin just isn’t the right match for the product – I have very dry skin mixed with very oily skin.  For someone with a dry complexion I think this would be perfect.  Notice how dry my skin is in the before photo and almost greasy in the after.

Will I continue using Meaningful Beauty?  I’m not sure.  If I could purchase the pieces I like I probably would, but most of their products are sold in kits.  Still, I’m glad I tried them and I’ll be using up the last of the products so I’ll let you know if there’s any change in my results.

This is the last time I subject you to close-ups of my naked face!  Promise!

Where to buy

Meaningful Beauty® Catalog, on the web at MeaningfulBeauty.com, or via phone at 1-877-383-1212.


Brand-new Advanced System: $39.95 +s/h for a thirty day supply or Buy a 90-day supply for $119.85 with free postage. You have 60-days to return the product for a full refund (less shipping) if you don’t love it.

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