Bed Buddy Bear - Warming Deep Penetrating ThermaTherapyThe Bed Buddy®  is a unique little friend that will either provide soothing warmth or a mild chill for your aches and pains.  Unlike other similar devices, this one comes in the form of a soft and cuddly bear so he’s less likely to spend his down time lost in a drawer and he’s always ready and able to take on an ear ache, fever, or stiff joints.

Buddy is filled with 100% natural materials that heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer and he molds beautifully to whatever part of your body ails you. I use mine warm for my perpetually sore shoulder (thanks to typing) and cold for my many migraines.  Does it look silly laying on the couch with a bear on my face? Probably, but again, he’s easy to find and use so I’m not complaining!

Instructions for use:

  • Bed Buddy® was developed to heat rather quickly inside your microwave oven. Never use the convection setting on the microwave if you have it.
  • Only adults should heat the bear.
  • Place the Bed Buddy® on a thoroughly clean and dry microwave safe dish and heat for 1 minute.
  • Avoid overheating the bear to avoid burns and be sure to touch test it before using it as microwave heating times vary.
  • Freezing
  • Place the bear in a clean and dry plastic bag. Freeze for 1 or more hours


  • Always consult your medical professional before using if you have any existing medical conditions. You should not use this product on anyone with nerve damage, sensitive skin, circulatory problems, or damaged and broken skin. If you’re going to use this product on people unable to remove it themselves, such as infirm folks or infants and children – monitor their use at all times.
  • NEVER use a heated Bed Buddy® on your eyes.
  • Not designed for use as a toy.
  • See the use and caution tag before using your Bed Buddy® 

Care Instructions:

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry before use.


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