Surgical removal of the skin is highlighted in this TLC special

The story told in TLC‘s newest TV special, THE REAL SKINNY, isn’t a new story.  It’s the story of two morbidly obese people who both opt for weightloss surgery and as a result, they lose a radical amount of weight in a short amount of time, but not the excessive skin that’s left behind.  Both exercise and watch their diet, but the folds of skin can only be removed during surgery.  What’s different about this special that’s been missing from others is that it delves into the medical reasons for skin removal surgery.  In the past, it’s been seen as strictly for vanities sake; but it turns out having folds of skin harbors bacteria which can lead to infections and rashes.

The show also shows graphic photos of each of the two subjects with just their genitals covered.  Nearly every other inch of their body is shown demonstrating the true severity of their problems.  We watch as both undergo surgery and go along on the journey.  It’s not discussed, but I sincerely hope that both patients, Chris and Sarah, get professional counseling to learn to love themselves.  Both appear to have self-esteem issues and the program sadly perpetuates the myth that if you’re fat you are unhappy and loathe yourself.

Still, TLC’s THE REAL SKINNY which premiers Monday (March 12 at 10 PM ET/PT), is an interesting journey and one that I found enjoyable. Dr. Timothy Katzen is the  post-bariatric surgeon who literally takes his patients and cuts them in half in a circumferential body lift  and then sews them back together again.  Not everything goes as planned and there are some heart-wrenching scenes when the children of one of the patients has to deal with the uncertainty of their parenting undergoing this major surgery.

The surgeries are shown and may not be for everyone.  Also partial nudity is shown throughout in a medical atmosphere.


At the end of the show they provide contact information for people who are dealing with excessive skin after weight loss who would like to be considered for the show so perhaps this will be an ongoing series.

I watched this via streaming video prior to broadcast so that I could share my honest opinion with you.

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