Mars, known as Barsoom by the planet natives, is home to numerous diverse races, which include the “Red Men:” the refined Heliumites, the war-like Zodangans, the primitive and tribal “Green Men,” the Tharks, together with the mysterious and advanced Therns.  Also living on the red planet are creatures such as the Woola.

Heliumites Princess Dejah Thoris - Disney's JOHN CARTER (used with permission)

Heliumites Princess Dejah Thoris - Disney's JOHN CARTER (used with permission)


These human-like inhabitants live in the city of Helium and can be recognized by their red-tattoos.  They are sophisticated beings and have conservationist policies. Their blue flag, which they wave with pride, symbolizes their nation as well as their intense yearning for the oceans which are gone forever. Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) is the princess and the daughter of Tardos Mors (Ciaran Hinds) is the Jeddak (King) of Helium.

Sab Than from Disney's JOHN CARTER (used with permission)

Sab Than from Disney's JOHN CARTER (used with permission)


These human-like and red-tattooed residents of Zodanga are exploitative, war-like, and manipulative. They’re constantly on the move – a predator race. Their bold red flag represent their hostile and dangerous nature.  Ruled by Jeddak (King) Sab Than (Dominic West), he will do everything possible to become ruler of all of Barsoom.


Inside the religion of Barsoom, Therns have become the heralds for the Goddess Issus. Actually, they’re a very discreet race and the most advanced beings in Barsoom.  Their ulterior motives are perpetually self-serving.

Tharks - Disney's John Carter (used with permission)

Tharks - Disney's JOHN CARTER (used with permission)


These tusked “Green Men” of Barsoom stand 9-10 feet tall.  They’re four-armed creatures that are primitive and tribal in nature. Historically they had been a great race, but now they’re nomadic and spread out.  Their survival-of-the fittest philosophy often fuels aggressive and combative behavior.  Their Jeddak (King) is the only thing that keeps the tribe from becoming beasts.  Tars Tarkas (William DaFoe) is blessed with patience and a great sense of humor.

Disney's JOHN CARTER Woola (used with permission)

Disney's JOHN CARTER Woola (used with permission)


Woola is lizard-like dog called a Calot.  This large creature adopts John Carter as master. Calots have 10 legs so they’re incredibly fast despite their size and they sport a mouth full of sharp teeth. Woola becomes fiercely protective of his new master because Carter is the first person to ever befriend and provide aid to him.

JOHN CARTER – “Mars’ Best Friend” Clip (Woola)

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