Disney’s “John Carter” can be seen in theaters nationwide beginning March 9, 2012.


JOHN CARTER  (Taylor Kitsch)

John Carter was born in Virginia and served as a Confederate Army Officer during the Civil War. The forces of the Civil War left him personally shattered, dispirited and defeated. When he’s accidentally transmitted to Barsoom (Mars), he realizes his power and jumping capabilities are significantly increased inside the low gravity of his new planet which starts him on is reluctant voyage to rediscover his own humanity while working to save his newly found world as well.

COLONEL POWELL (Bryan Cranston)

An experienced, by-the-book, and tough-as-nails U.S. cavalry officer, Colonel Powell’s objective is to recruit John Carter to battle the Apaches at his unit’s outpost inside the Arizona Territory. He’s thwarted in his efforts by John Carter’s absolute refusal to take on the military-or any cause for that matter, regardless of how just it is.


Edgar Rice Burroughs is the curious 18-year-old nephew of John Carter’s . Edgar really adores his Uncle and since he was a child he’s enjoyed listening to his wild tales and imaginative journeys to places Edgar could never imagine. When Burroughs receives an emergency telegram from Carter, he rushes to him, only to find once he’s that that he may be too late.

DEJAH THORIS   (Lynn Collins)

Dejah Thoris, the princess of Helium, is a zealous advocate for her people the Heliumites as well as their way of life. A Royal Academy of Science Regent, Dejah was taught to rule and also fight. She’s about to discover that she may be able to permanently shift the balance of power between Helium and their foe Zodanga. But there’s not much time to make it happen and Dejah needs to convince John Carter to join the fight to save Helium.

TARDOS MORS  (Ciaran Hinds)

Tardos Mors is the Jeddak (King) of Helium.  He’s a tough and down-to-earth ruler as well as father to Dejah Thoris.  He’ll have to fina a solution to save Helium, his beloved homeland, even if it means breaking Dejah’s heart, as well as his own, to accomplish it.

KANTOS KAN   (James Purefoy)

Kantos Kan is the Helium air navy Odwar (Captain) and he’s intelligent, brave, and handsome.  He’s fiercely faithful to Tardos Mors and also Dejah Thoris, Mors’ daughter.  Kantos is going to do anything within his ability to fight for Helium and safeguard the royal family.

SAB THAN   (Dominic West)

Sab Than is the impulsive, aggressive, and arrogant Jeddak (King) of Zodanga. Promoting war along with conquest as being the Zodangan lifestyle is his lifeforce. With his dangerously calculated charm, Sab may also  make an effort to develop a deal with the help of the devil to eradicate Helium and put him in place to rule Barsoom.

MATAI  SHANG (Mark Strong)

Matai Shang stands out as the Holy Hekkador (King) of the Therns.  Utilizing their advanced technology, the mysterious Therns represent themselves as the messengers of the Barsoomian Goddess Issus so that they can manipulate their own plans.

TARS TARKAS  (Willem Dafoe)

Tars Tarkas can be described as fierce green Martian warrior who is the Jeddak (King) of the Tharks. The final vestige of nobility flows within his blood and it is the one thing that helps to keep the Thark tribe from becoming beasts. Blessed with a decent sense of humor and tolerance, Tars befriends the earthman John Carter and presents him with the Thark name Dotar Sojat, which more or less means “my right arms.”

TAL HAJUS  (Thomas Haden Church)

Tal Hajus would love nothing more than to become the ruler of the Tharks and take out Tars Tarkas by brutal force. He’s a conniving Thark warrior, that has a single-minded belief, that simply only the strong have the right to survive.

SOLA  (Samantha Morton)

Sola is a nurturing and caring and she often thinks with her heart, not her mind which frequently positions her at odds with the Thark way of life.  She’s the runt from the litter and she’s given the responsibility John Carter when he’s adopted by the tribe.

SARKOJA  (Polly Walker)

Sarkoja is the perfect Thark; calculating, cruel, and cold. Like Tal Hajus, she thinks that just the strong should survive, and she’s survived a very long time. She targets Sola at every chance because she has no tolerance for Sola’s humanity, which she interprets as weakness.

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This movie is rated PG-13