New from Acacia - Kathy Smith & Shiva ReaI’ve written about my love for Kathy Smith before (read Review: Ageless with Kathy Smith 15-minute Workouts For Any Age).  And now I’ve had the chance to experience Shiva Rea.   They are both spectacular in their own way and I love the range working out to both give me.

More Daily Energy: Vinyasa Flow Yoga was released in November by This is an easy-to-customize workout that allows you to choose from a matrix of options so you can select the ones you’re physically ready for, or the set of poses that you’d like to be challenged with.  For someone like me who can’t do the standing poses, it allows me to skip the sections I physically cannot do, and go to the ones I’m able to. The music is fantastic and Shiva is very supportive and is very helpful in helping you assess if you’re doing the pose correctly, but I wish there was a music-only track on this DVD.  Once you have the poses down, it’s nice to skip the instructions for a few times.

Ageless With Kathy Smith: Total Body Turnaround  – also released in November, this one is pure Kathy.  The DVD includes three 20-minute workouts – do one or all three, whatever level you’re ready for.  One section includes ballet-style moves and another uses light weights for muscle building.  There’s toning and strengthening moves for most women’s trouble spots – butt, arms, legs, and the all-important core.  It’s easy to follow along and Kathy gives clear and easy instructions plus tips on how to do the moves correctly and safely to get the most from them.  Not much has changed in her style, but that’s a good thing as it’s one that works for me.

If you’re just starting out or have a physical restriction like I do, you’ll find a way to use either of these videos to fit your needs.  They’re a great fit for people who want to exercise to positive reinforcement.