SmartBones come in 4 sizes and 3 flavorsSmartBones® are advertised as “The Smarter Alternative to Rawhide™.  Rawhide chews have been somewhat controversial for years because of their apparent choking hazard, but worse, there have been some reports of intestinal blockage requiring surgery or causing death.  My own big dog, a Brittany, loves rawhide, but after giving him a few that were sized appropriately for him, he choked continuously on them.  Our little dogs never liked them and the few that we purchased for them were scooped up by the big dog and most times and they caused even more choking and vomiting episodes.  Because of these issues we banned rawhide treats from our home a few years ago.

Our three pups - that's our old guy Blaze (Brittany), Gracie (Maltese), and Jewel hiding in the background (Pomeranian)We’re always looking for a safer chew and one the dogs will like.  We’ve tried just about every popular dental chew on the market and my dogs just don’t like them  Sadly, they weren’t gung ho about the SmartBones®, either.  I was hoping this time they would be because of the chew bones available on the market, these are some of the better ones.

SmartBones® come in four sizes and three flavors.  I appreciated the sizing as our three dogs are different sizes.  I was also looking forward to the teeth cleaning action of the dental bones.  My Pomeranian and Maltese each have a lot of teeth problems which is common, and they’ve both had several teeth removed already.  I was hopeful these would help slow down their tooth loss.

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Our girls - the bones were sized perfectly, they just weren't interested in trying them :(There are some downsides to SmartBones®, but they’re ones that sadly most mass market chews have.  First they use coloring – dogs don’t care what color their treats are and neither do I.  Second there’s corn and corn is highly genetically modified and very processed.  But worse, they’re made in China.  Still, it’s one of those “it’s not perfect, but it’s better than” things.  If you’re currently feeding your dog rawhides then yes, these are better.  If you’re feeding your dog organic dog treats then no, these aren’t.

I know my dogs are picky and spoiled.  These just don’t measure up to their regular dried meat treats and they know if they ignore them long enough we’ll break out the good stuff, but not all dogs are as fussy.  If your dog likes most chews, she’ll likely love these.

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