clipix Single Clip with sharing features highlightedI’m constantly looking for a convenient, and more importantly easy, way to keep information together and at my fingertips when I’m blogging.  It seems I’m constantly having to retrace my steps on the Internet to find the information I wanted to refer to when I write my story.  I’ve tried so many different options and have finally found one that works beautifully for me and best of all, it’s free!

clipix is a brand spanking new way to clip items you find on the Internet and save them to your own private clipboard that you can then share via Twitter and Facebook.  Or you can make your boards and clips private so only you can access them. You can also choose to have them visible to the friends you select or you can make them available to any user.  You can also browse other public clips to find new and interesting things you may not have stumbled upon while you’re out surfing.

Right now I’m using clipix to keep the links and info for three stories I’m writing.  One of them is this story and I’ve saved links to a YouTube video which explains the purpose and many uses of this new online service as well as a link to their Facebook page.  Now when I write the article I can access my clipboard and copy the information, visit the original source, or embed the information right into my post.  On a big project or one that I go back to several times, this is going to save me hours of tracking down the information I’d previous located.  This is going to be a huge boost to my blogging resourcefulness.

My clipix clipboards

But that’s the way I’m using it, it can be used by just about anyone, for anything.  It shines as a Social Bookmarking site allowing you to clip recipes, photos, travel information, links, etc., and share them with others  Anything you want to save for later and you’re not limited in what type of media you can clip.  There are limitations on the number of letters in the clipboard title as well as the amount of text you can actually put into the clip (one I hope they’ll raise), but other than that only your imagination can stop you from thinking of ways to use it.

Check out this quick video – it explains what clipix is and how easy it is to clip items from your browser tool bar.  It’s the only instructions I viewed and it was more than enough to take off running.  I’m looking forward to see what other things I can do to make my life easier with this bookmarking system for people like me who are better with visual clues.

So, how will you use clipix?

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