Sparkling ICE is  a zero calorie carbonated flavored water made by Talking Rain.  The waters are caffeine- and gluten-free and sweetened with Splenda to which they’ve added B vitamins, vitamin D, green tea, and antioxidants (about 20% of your daily requirement in each 2-serving bottle).  Splenda is an artificial sweetener, something we’re trying to limit in our home.

The carbonated, flavored water uses natural flavors and juice concentrates which is admirable, but they also use artificial coloring which is a shame.  I for one don’t care what color my drink is and would rather they left them out.  They do make a striking display because of their bright colors though. These are not like their Essence variety of waters.  These are full flavored and sweet instead of a hint like the Essence sparkling water which doesn’t contain any sweeteners.

But how do they taste?  Like a rainbow.  No seriously, like candy only in bottle form.  Some flavors are more successful for us than others – I loved the Pink Grapefruit – it’s light and refreshing and served ice cold it’s fabulous.  The two young adults that live here like the Black Raspberry and we universally thumbs downed the Kiwi Strawberry as being too sweet and artificial tasting.  Other flavor combinations include Coconut Pineapple, Lemonade (my 2nd fav), Orange Mango, Pomegranate Berry, and Lemon Lime.

So we had mixed feelings about Talking Rain’s Sparkling ICE sparkling water.  The flavors we liked were delicious and when purchased in the 1 liter bottles had less impact on the environment, but the artificial colors are a turn off.  Still, for an occasional treat or to get me off my one diet vice, diet soft drinks, I’ll be enjoying the two lemonades.  I’ve been able to purchase the 1 liter through Amazon Fresh (sorry, Seattle area only) and Amazon.

Want to see if you agree with our taste test?  One lucky reader will get his/her own case of Sparkling ICE to find out!

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