Installing the Magellan CPBCKUSGXXX Wireless Back Up Camera - not sure? Professional Installation is available at Best BuyConnie blogged a week or so ago about her new found love for her  Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM GPS navigator unit (read I Won’t Go Without My Magellan RoadMate 9055-LM GPS Navigator).  While it’s phenomenal by itself, it becomes a wunderkind when we added the Magellan CPBCKUSGXXX Wireless Back Up Camera.

For the type of car we have, a 1995 Ford Aerostar Van, installation was fairly complicated.   I had to remove the tailgate liner for the hatchback door and then carefully route the wires through the same flexible tubing all the other electrical is carried through into the tailgate.  A car without the taillights separated from the backup lights would be infinitely easier.

Once the wires were in place in the hatchback door,  I identified the wires that controlled the back-up lights and made the connection there.   That’s the only wiring that takes place.   Using the wiring harness  from the back-up light I simply connected the pigtails  – one connects to the transmitter and the other to the camera which I mounted to the license plate frame.  It was necessary to drill a hole through the tailgate, just behind the license plate frame, to get the wires to the camera.

The rest of the installation in wireless.  The transmitter is powered by the reverse light circuit so when you engage the car in reverse; it powers the transmitter, which sends the signal to the GPS unit.  The unit switches from whatever navigation screen you’re currently on to a view from the camera.  The camera quality is phenomenal.  Even in dark and rainy conditions the picture is clear and very useful.

Magellan Wireless Back Up Camera Installation

Installing the Magellan CPBCKUSGXXX Wireless Back Up CameraSafety, Safety, Safety

The added safety a back-up camera adds is worth the investment.  The blind area near our bumper is now readily visible and at the best it’ll save us from striking a pedestrian and at the worst it’ll keep Connie from backing into a rockery or garbage can.  It also shines in parking lots when tight spaces can be a problem, especially with children and shopping carts adding to the mix.  Our van is large, a 7-passenger van with extended body and the camera gives us access to a great amount of area that until now has been hidden.  I feel much more confident with Connie driving the van knowing she as the added benefit of the back-up camera.

Magellan CPBCKUSGXXX Wireless Back Up Camera Features

  • Wireless camera which mounts onto your vehicles license plate
  • Generous 45 foot range
  • The wide-angle lens gives you a view of 120° horizontal and up to  100°vertical viewing area
  • The camera can user-adjustable downward to slant of 45 degrees
  • Switches from navigation to backup mode is done automatically