Our neurotic Pomeranian, Jewel, with stolen goodsI realize that the opportunity to treat our dogs as well as we do is entirely possible because we live in the US and often times I do feel guilty about the amount of money I spend on them.  But I also want what’s best for them because I want them to live a long and healthy life for very selfish reasons; my dogs are my babies.

Yes, I’ve become one of those old ladies who dolts on her pups.  I don’t dress them (they won’t let me) and I don’t think I go overboard, but yes, they have more beds per dog than most, they have full access to any piece of furniture they desire. The little one sleeps between us and we buy them quality food and treats. I don’t resent a penny I spend on them because it’s a pittance for their unconditional love and constant companionship.

When I started eating cleaner food about a year ago I discovered that what we feed our pets is pretty lousy as well.  Like us, they’re affected by this low-quality food and we pay for it later in vet bills or premature euthanization.  I decided it was time to improve their diet too and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to find quality dog treats and food, and most importantly online and at great prices.

 Blaze inspects the contents of the Mr Chewy package  Blaze inspects the contents of the Mr Chewy package and selects a treat to try
I should stop him, but come on, he's just too cute. I'll stop him before he eats the whole bag A dog's dream....a whole box of his favorite treats..... a pet owner's dream....treats that curb dog breath!

My most recent shopping trip was to a new site called Mr. Chewy.  It’s a cute site, easy to navigate, and with a lot of choices in the few categories they provide.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that they specialize in food, treats, and a few accessories because they do them well instead of trying to provide every possible pet item out there.

They sell lots of quality treats, pet food, and accessories like training pads and litter, 70 brands total, across all of their products.  Some of the brands are ones we know well and purchase often like Blue Buffalo, Ziwipeak, and my dogs’ favorites treat maker, Dogswell.  There are many other brands that are new to us that we’re very interested in trying.  Mr. Chewy has more than just the premium brands so there’s something for every budget.  Plus the site provides detailed nutritional information for all of their products so you’ll always know what you’re feeding your pet and you can make an informed decision.

Dogswell treats are the one pet treat all three of my dogs love Jewel chowing down on her Dogswell treat
Dogwell treats are very popular in our house - every variety, even the sweet potatoes Blaze checking to see if the box really is empty

Shopping the Mr. Chewy site is easy and the prices are right in line with other online sites so I felt confident I was getting a great deal. I also made sure my purchase was above the minimum amount for free shipping, currently $49, and I saved an additional 15% on my order by signing up for a re-occurring shipment (their subscription-based program will send me the items in 3 months which is the interval I chose – they’ll email before shipping to be sure I’m still interested and I can ask that it be shipped sooner if I run out).  I love subscription services and use them all the time on other sites; however, my only complaint is my subscription-order had to be identical to my placed order.  I would have liked to have been able to add or change items.  It’s possible that I missed something and I could have done it, but I don’t think so.

Shipping was fast and I received several emails during the process so I always knew where my order was in the process.  The box arrived carefully packed but we ripped it open and let the dogs have at it before I took a picture of their packaging.  The treats we received were all fresh (not the case from all retailers I can tell you from experience) and had reasonable expiration dates.  The potty pads, a brand we’ve never used before, are fabulous and we’ve made the switch to them.

My Mr. Chewy shopping experience was great and the best part is I get to share it with you and if you decide to order, not only will you save 10% off your first order, but the pet charity Best Friends Animal Society will receive a $10 donation as well!  I love that their referral program benefits pets and I’ll proudly share my referral code (CONN5156) that you’ll use at checkout to trigger the donation and have the discount applied to your order.

The dogs and I were happy with the service from Mr. Chewy and we look forward to our next shipment!

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