DreamWorks Pictures’ blockbuster movie, Real Steel, hits the home video market Tuesday, January 24th. To get you ready, here are some new video clips which feature the boxing bots plus a fabulous discount coupon offer!

Check out these fresh new video bios by Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo for the robots of Reel Steel


The undefeated “King of the Ring.”  8’3″ and 1200 lbs, he’s a big threat in the WRB ring.


A found robot that’s small (at only 700 lbs), sparring bot that shouldn’t be able to compete against the big guys.  What he doesn’t have in size, he has in heart.

Twin Cities

His “baddest move” is spinning his heads.  A 20 million dollar bot who’s looking for a statement match to get the backing of the WRB community.

Noisy Boy

Made in Japan, he was at one time a skilled bot.  He’s been out of the WRB for some time and he’s fallen on hard times.


A “gold-blodded” killer with a red Mohawk who’ll do anything to win, even cheat. He fights in the Underworld and likes it there – the Underground Champion of the World


The a creepy rainbow franken-bot made from every robot he’s ever beaten – he pilfers parts and they become a piece of him.  He’s a mongrul in every sense of the world.


 A die-hard Underworld boxer who was won on a bet by his owner Charlie Kenton. He’s got a fantastic knock-out punch, a signature chest slam and and never gives up.

So which robot will you be rooting for?

REAL STEEL $5 off Print Discount Coupon Offer

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This movie is rated PG-13 for language and violence.