Photos from the Seattle January 2012 Ice & Snow Storm

[photomosaic] Who knew when I wrote my last post about loving snow days, it would be the last thing I did on the Internet for 24 hours or so.  I’m not completely sure when our power went out, but I do know I didn’t really miss it.  I’m grateful and thankful that we’re healthy and don’t require any kind of medical equipment and we have the financial funds to own equipment to make it more comfortable.  I also know there were some deaths during the storms and I send my sympathies to the families.  I appreciate and acknowledge the hardships, but I can’t help but love what nature was dishing out over the  last five days.

The week started on Sunday with snow and finished the week with the most amazing ice storm.  I took pictures all week, granted not venturing any further than the porch, but I still think I got some spectacular shots.  Here are some of my favorites of the ice coated trees and bushes.  The ice is mostly gone now, it spent today crashing to the ground and scaring them animals with its amazing sound – like shots being fired.  By tomorrow there may be no marks of its fabulous presence, but I have photos to remind me of the diamonds that filled my world for a few days.

I have so much to catch up on, but I’ll be sharing some of the things we did to make ourselves safe and comfortable without power, cell phones, internet, and more.  We were ready and were able to last for a week or more…the PSE was just too good at getting us back on the grid in no time at all.

I have lots more pictures….it’ll probably start to feel a little bit like the Uncle with the slideshow projector….huh.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re young 🙂



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