Jewel wishing she had 4-wheel drive for the snow

No doubt you’ve heard that Western Washington is in the midst of a winter storm. Of course, if you live anywhere else in the country I’m certain your newscasters are having a chuckle at our expense with our “Snowmageddon 2012,” as some have dubbed it.  Still, laugh all you want at us, but snow is a rare occurrence here and one I choose to celebrate.

Slideshow: Seattle January Snow and Ice Storm Pictorial Recap

Sure, I didn’t love snow storms quite so much when I worked a “real” job and had to handle the childcare issues brought on by school closures; as did millions of parents here today when 111 of 112 school districts closed. I remember those days well.

I’m also free of dealing with an angry boss if I choose not to risk life and limb to get into the office.  Those days are thankfully gone as well, but I recognize the majority of people still do deal with this and the resulting guilt. Nevertheless, I can’t help but love that Mother Nature dictates with a little bit of cold air plus some moisture that it’s time to slow down, contemplate life without all the electronics and conveniences, and prepare to provide for ourselves even if it is just for a few days.

Heck, I have no disillusions, I could never have made it back in the days without central heating and lights – it allows me the comfort of working any time of the day, like now at 2am, as opposed to my hours being dictated by the limited quantity of daylight this time of the year.  And it affords me the feeling of safety as I hear branches crashing down around us and transformers blowing….for now our power is on and we have technology to keep us connected.

So, laugh all you want but until you spend a day in our shoes, driving streets that are steep and curvy under trees with branches laden with ice and snow, in cars with all-season tires because snow tires are only necessary about once every 4-years, but they do billions of dollars in road damage each year.  Oh, and we don’t have snow plows and sanders to keep up with the weather conditions because tax payers won’t pay for enough of them to keep laying around for these weird storms.

So pardon us while we revel in the uniqueness of it and allow us to commune with a different facet of nature for just a few days. We’ll be back to rainy, gray days where lighting is required all day just to see inside the house…yep, Seattle will be normal again soon enough.

Seattle Snowmageddon 2012 Photos

Here are some photos from this snow storm and trust me, it’s much more beautiful than I was able to capture with my camera.