Big brother Brian meets his new little brother, Alex, for the first time 1/13/88

If you follow me Twitter or Facebook you probably get tired of me saying you should enjoy every moment with your children; even when they’re driving you crazy.  It’s because I know how incredibly fast time goes when you have kids and I really don’t want you to miss a moment of the magic.  I knew how fleeting it was and I tried to soak in every second, and I still can’t believe how quickly my kids grew up.

This home movie was take 24 years ago today.  It was the day after my 2nd son, Alex, was born and the first time our two sons met.  We don’t have video of his birth or even his first day.  It was weird back then to take a video camera into the delivery room and heck, most people didn’t even own a camera.   Ours was enormous.   It was a shoulder-mounted camera, probably 17-21″ long, and it weighed over 10 pounds.  At least it didn’t tape on VHS like most, we were ahead of the time with Hi8 video 🙂  We also didn’t have a digital camera back then, it was years later that they were available for home use.  Our child’s birth photos were taken with a Polaroid camera (we still have the prints and they still look washed out and colorless).

Still, I was so excited when I came across this video is a bunch of videos we had transferred to digital. I’d forgotten some of the events.  Like the fact that I had a roommate (she was so annoying) and that I looked so fabulous right after having a baby (I thought I was so fat back then – what a waste of time).  But the best part of the video is just the random 30 minutes (don’t worry, I cut it down to about 4 minutes for you) of our days in the hospital.  I love every second of it and am so glad we took the time to make it.  Maybe because we have so little video of our kids, it makes what we do have really special.  I’ll be sharing more random videos as I get a chance to download them all from the website where they’re stored by the tape transfer company.  I’ve also sent in the last of our tapes to be converted.  Who knows what we’ll find on them.

And to my boys and especially Alex on his 24th birthday plus one…thanks for being such amazing children.  I love who you are now and who you were then.  Thank you for giving me such an amazing life.  It’s my privileged to be called “mom” by you both.

Brian meets his new baby brother – 1/13/88


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