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All of us have witnessed the happy reunions of military families throughout the holidays, but what goes on following the joyful reunion? For a lot of women and men, it’s the start of a fresh new battle, the battle to put their households together once again, and sadly it can be challenging. Divorce among our military forces have risen 42% since 2001, and this number will likely increase with the volume of service women and men coming home from Afghanistan.

Using the widget below,  all of us can assist the women and men who’ve protected our country battle the issues within their own homes.

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Finally Home To Family

Finally Home to Family is a grassroots campaign raising awareness regarding the difficulties facing military families. The objective is to try to raise funding for military young couples to attend relationship workshops offered through FamilyLife® with expectation of safeguarding their partnerships as well as families.

Sponsored by: Contemporary Christian Artist MercyMe, Military Ministry, and FamilyLife®