Konami DanceDance Revolution II for the Wii Bundle reviewMy kids have been playing DanceDanceRevolution since its very early days only in arcades.  When it finally hit the home systems I was first in line.  Anything that gets gamers up off the couch and active is OK in my book.

As the home game advanced so did the kids’ enjoyment.  We’ve had DDR in just about every format they’ve made over the years, but this new version II for the Wii is the best so far.

There are 80 songs available, something for every ability and many different genres so even an old person like me can find a few to like. Not all of the songs are ones you’ll recognize and there are several that will never get a play in our house.  Songs like Whip My Hair by Willow will go unplayed, but favorites like Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars, will likely get repeated often.  Still, they’re a great mix as households with preteens will love the Justin Bieber and Willow tracks.  The bulk of the songs in the game have to be unlocked and most of them are the fast-paced frenetic Japanese-inspired music that DDR has used since its inception.  I’d prefer more mainstream and popular songs, but I understand licensing fees are likely the reason for so few of them.

There are new characters to choose from and lots of great new dance moves to try out.  The game has come a long way since its early home versions and I’m excited to see the changes. It’ll be great when they’re able to move completely away from the pad but until then, this is a great alternative.

For someone looking for an exercise option, the DDR 2 Wii version provides a “Workout Mode.”  It calculates your BMI (just type in your height and weight) and it’ll let you know what your ideal weight is.   You can use this information to help you set and record a goal and then select your workouts by length of time or by number of calories burned.  That way you can do the number of minutes/calories needed daily to help you get to your goal.

I like the versatility of the DDR2 for the Wii and the new options.  It’s a great game to get moving, especially this winter when getting outside is more difficult and a great way to get active and work off those holiday pounds and perfect for anyone over the age of 10 and in good health.

DanceDanceRevolution II Wii Details

  • DanceDanceRevolution II Bundle – includesDanceDanceRevolution mat controller
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ (Lyrics, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes)
  • Released:  October 11, 2011
  • Manufacture:  Konami


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