My fire department has standards for hair length. To stay within the regulations, I need to keep my hair short and trimmed, which means I have a trip to the barber with it every four weeks or so.  I usually get my hair cut at one of those $12 haircut places and when I can’t get in, or when I put it off and need a cut the night before work, my wife cuts it for me.

Recently my wife bought me the Philips Norelco Qc5530/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper to try out.  I had to wonder with the gift of a do-it-yourself hair clipper was her way of getting out of her hair cutting duties, but I’m guessing she just wanted me to have the latest and greatest home hair cutting tool.  At least that’s what I’m hoping.


My wife joined me in the bathroom to film my trial of the Philips Norelco Qc5530/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper.  As I say in the video, I wouldn’t use this the night before a job interview or other important event; however, it does work well, has nice sharp blades, and is easy to handle.  The video shows what looks like uneven cutting on the back of my head, but that’s not how it appears in person.  The cutter did a nice even job and with practice, I’ll be able to do it in much less time than I did the first try.

Philips Norelco Qc5530/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper  Video Diary (Vlog)

My wife finished the job by trimming my neck hairs – I’m not sure how I would have done this myself because I’m not coordinated enough to do it with a hand-mirror.  I’m sure with practice I could do it, but it’s much easier allowing my wife too.  She loved the way the clipper fit in her hand and allowed her to rotate the blade.  Even though it’s made for do-it-yourself hair cutting, it works perfectly for traditional hair clipping as well.

So what makes it different? The ergonomic design that puts the bulk of the cutter in the palm of your hand and the cutting head rotates 180 degrees so you can put it at the perfect angle.  It also has great battery life but can also be used with the cord if you forget to charge it or need to use it for longer periods of time.  The head allows you to cut at all different lengths, so you don’t have to go with the nearly clean shaven look I use.  And you can use more than one shaving head to fade the cut if you’re really talented.

The one flaw we found was with the beard and mustache trimmer (aka precision trimmer).  It was small and shaving my neck took more time than usual.  Granted, I have a very hairy neck, so this may not be an issue for most men. But I also didn’t like how it trimmed my sideburns.  I prefer a clipper wide enough across for a one-swipe cut  – less room for error.

I’d rate the Philips Norelco Qc5530/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper a rating of 9 out of 10 for usability, design, cutting ability, and sharpness. It’s a great tool in my never ending battle to keep my hair regulation short.

Philips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Hair Clippers


  • Includes:  cleaning brush, precision trimmer, and three guide combs (big, small, and precision).
  •  60-minutes of use per 1-hr charge with the Lithium-ion battery
  • Fully washable design
  • Two-year worldwide guarantee
  • Price (range) $35-$50

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