Blogger Exclusive War Horse Video Clip

Emily Watson shines as Rose, the supportive mother of Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and wife of Ted Narracott (Peter Mullan). She plays the role of the matriarch of  a family who’s fallen on hard times in Steven Spielberg‘s epic “War Horse.”  The movie is the story of Joey the horse and his owner, Albert, and their love for each other.

Blogger's Who Attended the World Premier of "War Horse" photographed with actress Emily Watson

In this exclusive clip released only to the bloggers who attended the DreamWorks press event and World Premier in NYC earlier this month, Rose is glowing with pride in Albert and Joey’s accomplishments and she shares a special moment with her son in the barn. She uncovers her husband’s troubled past in the form of a metal of honor from the war he fought in Africa, but can’t come to grips with.  This is a touching scene that is the basis for a lot of the story told in this broad and grand movie – that war is inhumane and it can wreck havoc on a man and his family years after.

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DreamWorks’ War Horse Premiere Pictures from NYC

DreamWorks’ “War Horse” World Premier Event 12/4/11 NYC

Now that I’ve met Emily Watson, I realize how very different she is from the character Rose (read my interview:  Emily Watson On Her Role as Rose Naracott in DreamWorks Pictures’ WAR HORSE). The actress is much more subdued and collected, with a fine upper-class English accent, and she’s a striking beauty. Rose is working class and it’s evident in her way of speaking and mannerisms. Watson is brilliant in this role as a support and hardworking mother and wife in this movie that is likely to see a lot of rewards during award season.

War Horse opens nationwide in theaters on Christmas Day and is rated PG-13