It shouldn’t be last minute already but as I shop online I’m finding I’m too late for some of the things I’d planned to put under the tree or in the stockings of my family.  Undaunted, I’m on a search for things that are imaginative but that can be found or obtained quickly. If you’re one of my children, stop reading now or you’ll be disappointed to find out that A). There is no Santa  Claus and it’s just mom and her credit card, and B). You’re not getting a new iPhone 4s.

Here’s my list of affordable and fun last minute stocking stuffers:

For the overworked man or woman, gift the gift of sleep!

Dream Products Dream Water Shot is a 0-calorie sleep and relaxation shot which tastes great!  At 2.5 fl oz, it’s a quick sip before bed and is said to help you drift off naturally and stay there!  Available in Snoozeberry (Blueberry & Pomegranate), Lullaby Lemon (with hints of Tea), and Pineapple PM.  Celebs like Bruce Willis, Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Khloe Kardashian, Whitney Port, and Bill Clinton have been seen with Dream Water in hand. Check out Dream  Plus this natural sleep-aid was mentioned on the TODAY Show as part of Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Favorite Things.

Dream Water can be found at over 12,000 locations nationwide, including Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, and Duane Reade.  The Single 2.5 oz shot is under $3 and can also be found in airport stores so take some on board for your next trip!

More Information:  How It Works • Directions for Use • All Natural Sleep Aid • Buy Dream Water • Find a Store Near You

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For the Eco-conscious or Active Person

The Rive Glass Water Bottle is a fantastic choice.  The generously sized 16oz reusable bottle is made from glass so there are no weird odors, tastes, chemical, or contaminants and they wash up easily in the top rack of your dishwasher or by hand.  Plus the bottles are stylish and great looking.  The lids are made of food-grade ABS plastic and contain no BPA, phthalates or PVC.  There are three basic bottle styles to choose from and then a plethora of colors in each style.  The Savoy Designer Series includes gorgeous graphics on the bottle which makes them elegant enough for your office.  The bottles retail for $15-$20 and ship for a flat fee of $5.99.  These can be purchased directly from the Rive website,, or CSN Wayfair Stores.

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For the Organic/Fair Trade Supporter

How about some chocolate!  sweetriot riotBars are antioxidant packed treats that are gluten- and dairy-free, kosher, and low in sugar.  They’re made with premium, high quality, and all-natural ingredients and have just 20-21 calories per square.  They’re packaged in limited edition wrappers with original artwork by new artists.  The three varieties are:  PURE 60% with crunchy cacao nib, PURE 70%, Pure 85% (“friendly dark”).  But how do they taste?  Delicious unless you’re a milk chocolate fan – these are for chocolate purists!  They’re a delicious treat or can be used in your favorite recipe. Purchase online at their website.  These ship from NYC so the farther away you are, the sooner you need to order to ensure arrival by Christmas.

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Just for Fun!

Scented Gummi Bear Earbuds by Sakar brings the fun of food to your electronics!  These whimsical little ear buds are shaped like gummy bears, colored like gummies, and even scented like the candy they represent! Plug these sweet-smelling earphones into your MP3 player, hand-held video game, tablet computer, or smartphone and enjoy. The cord is just shy of 4 feet and includes a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack at the end. For ages 3+  Sakar makes a full line of Gummy Bears’ themed products including walkie talkies, digital camera, iPhone case, flash drive, and more.  Check out their Where to Buy page for a store near you.


For the Wise Cracker

I give my boys what I call a “bathroom book” every year. It’s a book that lives in the bathroom for when you need a little entertainment. So it’s usually a book that’s full of random and crazy facts – you know, one you can pick up and put down when nature’s finished calling. This year’s book is The World’s Oldest Joke Book; Hundreds of Hilariously Terrible Ancient Jokes.  It’s full of 200 wisecracks and one-lines so absurd  you’ll cringe and laugh at the same time.  Included among the guffaw-inducing gems is, “An idiot hears that a crow can live for up to 200 years, So he buys one to see if it’s true.”  If you have a boy over 13, you’ll understand the draw to this book.  Available at fine bookstore (no joking!) and online for about $10.