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I had the pleasure of meeting Emily Watson recently in a blogger roundtable interview to talk about her role in DreamWorks’ “War Horse.”   Watson plays Rose Narracott, mother of Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and wife of Ted Narracott (Peter Mullan).  The family lives on a leased farm and they’re experiencing hardships caused by weather and the husband’s foolishness with money.  They’re threatened with losing their farm and everything they’ve worked for.  But Rose digs in and tries to save her family.  But their troubles are compounded when WWI is declared.

The character of Rose Narracott is decidedly and unglamorous role for the lovely Englishwoman who is polished and smart looking for our interview.  She has a quiet and gentle mannerism about her and she’s brilliantly beautiful, tall and lean, with an easy charm that takes over the room immediately.

Emily Watson as Rose Nethercutt in DreamWorks Pictures' WAR HORSE - used with permission

Watson shows a passion for the movie and the role she played and a genuine love of the story and Stephen Spielberg who directs. It was Spielberg whom she met with over tea at Claridge’s to discuss talking on the role; a role she jumped at even though she’s afraid of horses.  She’d seen the play in London at the National and there she fell in love with the story of the young man and his horse.  It’s the story of a “boy in love with a horse and their great adventure,” explains Watson.  “It’s kind of an anti-war film for kids as well, I think.  It’s, in a very, very simple way –  war is inhumane.  And the way we treat animals reveals our humanity.”

As for working with Spielberg, Watson says, “Steven Spielberg, is very different again, you know, there’s a huge unit, there’s massive crew…he’s obviously done a lot of incredible technical feats and he’s a great action director, but he’s still very focused on performance”. So what does this serious actor who’s played some of the toughest mother movie roles want to do in the future?  Comedy!  “I do, I’d love to.  Nobody ever asks me.  I have no sense of humor whatsoever.  I’m a very serious European actress,” Watson deadpans.  And with a little twinkle of her eye she adds, “No, I have done little bits and pieces.  I did a film called WA-WA, written and directed by Richard E. Grant.”  “And I did a film, PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, it’s kind of a comedy.  You know with Adam Sandler, that was pretty cool. I’d love to do more of that stuff. But I never get asked.”

Watson was a delight to speak with and I’ve created this short video of her red carpet premier interview so you to can see and feel her special charm and her passion for the movie.  I also think it’s a safe bet to say that Ms. Watson and the cast of “War Horse” will be walking the red carpet again during award season.

Red Carpet Interview with Emily Watson on WAR HORSE

WAR HORSE opens in theaters Christmas Day.  It’s rated PG-13