Mention Sugar Cookies and everyone will have  a favorite recipes.  They insist THEIR recipe is the best.  Then comes the argument of what the perfect cookie looks like –  thin, thick, lemon, almond, or vanilla, frosting or naked.  But for me, with very rare exception, all sugar cookies are little bits of heaven!  Sure, when I make them I use a recipe I’ve used since I was a kid and I rarely stray from it.  It was from the big red cookbook and it has almond extract and vanilla extract.  I still use that recipe and I have my own big red cookbook now, and pulling it out every year with its dough splattered pages reminds me of Christmases past.

Glazed by Cooking Light Classic
Glazed by Cooking Light Classic

I recently had my hi8 videos from the 80’s converted to digital and there among the many treasured moments was a video of my oldest son and I baking sugar cookies.  I’m very pregnant in the video with my 2nd son and my oldest had just turned 2.  Watching the video made me smile and reminded me of so many other wonderful moments we’ve shared in the kitchen.  That 2-year old is 26 now and I love when he comes over on holiday mornings and cooks with us.

Alton Brown's recipe - no flavoring, pure and simple. Indian
Alton Brown’s recipe –
no flavoring, pure and simple.

I haven’t had time in the last few years to make sugar cookies and if I did get around to it, I didn’t have time to decorate them like we used to.  So this year I closed my store down on Amazon a week before Christmas, when business is best, because I want this year to be different. I want to bake, and I want my children to enjoy the cookies they remember from their childhood.

I’m saving the video to share with you when I do make those cookies and I’ll share the recipe too.  Until then, here are some other versions that I’m thinking about making – there’s no such thing as too many sugar cookies on the dessert table, right?

So what’s your go-to recipe?  Frosted?  Unfrosted?  Lemon? Almond? Vanilla?   And if I send you my mailing addy, will you share? 🙂


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