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I fell in love with the [amazon_link id=”B0040ZDOHM” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]EatSmart Retro Kitchen Scale[/amazon_link] the minute I saw it.  I already owned a [amazon_link id=”B001N07KUE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] EatSmart™ Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale[/amazon_link] and I didn’t need another, but I decided to giveaway the old one and enjoy the style and sophistication of the retro scale and I’m glad I did!  Beyond being practical and useful in cooking and baking, I love the look of it.

Why a kitchen scale?  It makes cooking and baking easier.  Measuring by weight is more accurate and quicker than using measuring cups and there’s less mess to clean up.  The EatSmart Retro Kitchen Scale comes with a metal bowl that cleans up easily and is dishwasher safe.  Place it on the scale and adjust the weight until it zeros out (tare weight).  Then place your ingredients in the bowl and you’re weighing just the ingredients.  It’s that easy!  No bells, whistles, or batteries and I love that!  The weight is right on when I check it against my other scales and I love not having to measure.

Why a EatSmart™?

I already own their  Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale, luggage scale, and Digital Kitchen Scale so I’m very familiar with their quality. Both the kitchen and bathroom scales have withstood daily abuse from me and even a drop or two and they’re still working perfectly.  My bathroom scale lives under my kitchen island – I like having it there to remind me to choose foods wisely.  My luggage scale saved me from $75 in luggage fees the last time I flew.  I was over the limit and didn’t realize it.  By shuffling things between my checked bag and carry-on bag, I was able to stay within the airlines regulations.

The EatSmart Retro Kitchen Scale comes in three colors – one that’s perfect for every kitchen.  I went with the gray and love it.  My mother saw it and tried to leave wit it.  I suppose I should purchase one for her for Christmas.  They’re on sale right now on Amazon.com and they’re a great gift for the baker or cook in your family that enjoys fun kitchenware like me!


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