Usher’s OMG Tour Live from London on DVD and Blu-Ray I have always been a fan of Usher since I was in elementary school listening to his music with my teenage brother and sister. So when Connie asked me to watch the Usher: OMG Tour – Live From London and give my opinion I didn’t see any reason not to.

Naturally I am a fan of his dancing. Most singers who have the ability to dance tend to do little singing during their concerts. Usher did no such thing. Not only are you entertained by his moves, but you also get to hear him sing in the moment. There is no lip-syncing involved. There is just 104 minutes full of his dancing and singing all in the moment.

One of my favorite things about watching a concert is the crowd interaction from the artist and the transitions between wardrobe changes. Unfortunately this DVD leaves out those moments. If goes from one song performance to the next one. Of course it is more than an hour long so I can only imagine how long the concert must have been live.

Lucky for me I watched this at a friend’s house on her giant flat screen TV with surround sound. It was almost as if we were there minus the hundreds of screaming fans and sweaty bodies surrounding us. Not to mention I woke up the next morning with my hearing and voice all intact.

If you or someone else you know is an Usher fan this concert DVD or Blu-Ray will not disappoint you. He may be older, but he is still as fun and active as ever. With a mix of his newer work to a plethora of his older work there is a little bit of everything for fans to enjoy. It is a great idea for a stocking stuffer this holiday season.


Track Listing

  1. Monstar
  2. She Don’t Know
  3. Yeah
  4. Remind Me
  5. U Don’t Have To Call
  6. You Make Me Wanna
  7. Mars vs. Venus
  8. Nice & Slow
  9. Love In This Club
  10. Lil Freak
  11. Hot Tottie
  12. There Goes My Baby
  13. Burn
  14. Bad Girl
  15. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)
  16. Caught Up
  17. J Got Us Falling Love
  18. More
  19. OMG

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