Judy and Laura checking out the Hickory Farms goodies before the party

Hickory Farms products have been a part of our holidays for as long as I can remember.  Every year as a kid we’d take a trip to our local mall and we’d always stop in to Hickory Farms to try out the samples and see what’s new.  We’d always come home with at least one beef stick an a sampling of cheeses to enjoy during the holidays.

For a few years when I first became a vegetarian I stopped going, mostly because I didn’t really realize there’s so much more to them than meat.  When my kids got older I’d buy them each their own beef stick and put it in their Christmas stocking and now that they’re adults, they each get a small box under the tree.  I also send a family-sized box to my brother and his family in Texas most years instead of individual gifts.  Their kids are all adults now, too, so sending them the gift of food to share during their holiday celebration just feels right and they appreciate the gesture

I’ve purchased many additional beef sticks and sent them overseas to an active military personnel (chosen through AnySoldier.com) along with toiletries, books, and other treats.  I like to think I’m sending them a little bit of home in my boxes and I know that the Hickory Farms treats I send will arrive in perfect condition.

Preparing for our Hickory Farm Feast - preparing the fruit We served some of the fruit sliced and others whole - it made for a beautiful table

This year I got the opportunity to share my love for Hickory Farms with my family and we chose to share the adorable basket and boxes I received during game night the week before Thanksgiving.  What a great night we had.  In our Hickory Farm’s boxes were everything we needed for a great party – we just added wine, green salad, and some additional crackers and the 9 of us feasted for hours with plenty of leftovers and still more for them to take home.

After platting everything we couldn’t help but notice how fabulous everything looked.  It was really easy to make a nice looking table with the fabulous products – meat, cheese, fruit, nuts, etc.  I think my sister and her daughter did a fabulous job of making everything look festive.

My niece arranging the Hickory Farms meat & cheese Laura and Judy making the final touches before we call in the guys

Our Hickory Farm Game Night Party Food - looks fabulous!The biggest hits?  The Cranberry Mustard was delicious and so different.  As was the pineapple mustard. I think the flavored condiments is one of my favorite parts of the boxes.  The other hit was the delicious fruit that came in the basket.  The pears were dripping with juice and the apples perfect.  We sliced them up to share and enjoy.  My favorite cheese by far is the smoked cheddar.  Just a tablespoon or two on top my scrambled eggs brings them to a whole other level!  My sister took the left over cheeses and made macaroni and cheese the day after the party – I think it ended up being a 5- or 6-cheese dish.  Pretty fabulous!

Did you know that it takes just three days to get farm fresh Hickory Farms products to your door or better yet, your gift recipient’s door? Check out this Infographic below to see the journey your Hickory Farms Gift Basket takes from ordering to arriving at your doorstep. Also did you notice they’re offering advantage $3 3 day shipping through the holidays – that’s a phenomenal deal!

Hickory Farms 3-day 3-Dollar Shipping InfographicOur Hickory Farms Recommendations

  • Orchard’s Bounty Basket – it arrives full of fresh fruit – Fuji Apples, Mandarin Oranges, Red D’Anjou and Crown Comice® Pears.  It also includes Signature Beef Summer Sausage, Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese, and Berry Nut Bounty Mix. But the best part is that it comes in a hand- woven keepsake Peterboro® Basket!  This is a gift in itself.  The baskets are crafted in New Hampshire and stunning. There are several other baskets (including the most adorable hinged-lid picnic basket) with different fillers.
  • Mustards – Cranberry Mustard which is the most delightful  combination of apple, honey, and cranberry which adds a subtle fruit flavor to your snack.  Addictingly delicious! Or Pineapple Mustard where  sweet juices of golden pineapples are mixed with honey and mustard for a tart and tangy treat.
  • Olive Oil & Rosemary Crackers – These are crisp, artisan crackers that are flavorful and delicious. Several different varieties of crackers are available.
  • Smoked Cheddar Blend Cheese – this is the cheese I look forward to every year and it just wouldn’t be the holidays without it!  This creamy cheese has just the right amount of smoke flavor that it tastes like bacon and for this vegetarian, that’s a great thing!  A sprinkling on my eggs lets me enjoy the smokiness while staying true to my vegetarianism.

There are so many fabulous boxes and baskets that it’s hard to choose.  I love their specialty baskets and purchase them every year.  It’s part of our holiday tradition.  Do you have a similar tradition?  I’d love to hear about it.


Please Note:   I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Hickory Farms and received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”