Novaform Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper from ReviewMy husband and I are sleeping on a mattress we thought was fabulous when we bought it. It’s a pillow top model and they were all the rage when we purchased it.  When we purchased it is in debate.  I say 10 years ago, the hubby says 15.  Either way, it was an expensive purchase and it hasn’t really been comfortable for most of its lifetime.  Still, the thought of putting out some serious cash has kept us looking for inexpensive ways to prolong putting off the inevitable purchase.

We’ve tried cheap foam toppers and regretted it.  First because the off-gassing odors made me nauseous and it took months for them to go away completely.  But worse, because cheap toppers are made with foam that’s not dense enough so they provided no support whatsoever. I’ve learned by error that for the best results, buy the thickest foam you can afford.  A 4″ mattress topper will feel more luxurious than a 1-1/2″ one and if you’re a man or woman of size, definitely go with the thicker option.  You’ll thank me later!

We got the chance to try the Sleep Innovations topper recently and were surprised by some of its features and the newer technology. First, the off-gassing only lasted a few days.  Yea!  I also like that the Sleep Innovations bed topper comes with a cover that the made in the USA 100-percent polyurethane, hypoallergenic memory foam is slipped and zipped into.  I like that the removable/washable cover protects the foam and keeps it firmly on the bed (it’s shaped like a fitted sheet and goes down over the edges of the bed).  The cover itself is slightly fuzzy and I can feel it through my thinner cotton sheets and I love it – it makes the bed so cozy.  And it’s only a few inches thick while still providing support because of the upgraded technology – here’s one exception to the buy-it-thicker rule.

The foam molds itself beautifully to each of us even though we’re physically very different.  My husband, who is perpetually hot at night, has never complained about being too warm, and I have been comfortable as well.  We’ve had the topper for several months – from the heat of summer and now the chill of fall, and it’s still comfortable and shows no sign of wear.  The edges are crisp and clean and there are no flat spots.

While we love the topper,  we’ve realized it’s time to replace our terribly saggy mattress and broken down box spring and we hope to do that within the next month or two.  Toppers can certainly enhance an older mattress, and this one certainly did, but it can’t do CPR on a mattress that needs to be retired.  We’re definitely going with a full-foam mattress – we’re completely convinced it’s the only comfortable option for use, we just have to figure out which one and we’ll certainly look at the Sleep Innovations options.  In the meantime, this topper will be going on our guest bed which is a futon.  The mattress on that thing is firm…like the floor firm.  So this topper will be a huge improvement for it and it’ll finally make that bed a comfy place to sleep!

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Gel Memory Foam Features:

  • Cradling comfort of 2.5″ thick memory foam and the support of gel
  • Patented gel-infused memory foam technology; Relieves pressure points and improves circulation
  • 100% Egyptian cotton stretch-to-fit cover with an integrated 100% polyester skirt
  • Returns to original shape after use; Stain repellent technology – cover resists and repels stains
  • Fits easily on most mattresses
  • Foam made in the USA
  • Care instruction: Machine washable cover

Sleep Innovations manufactures:

  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Memory Foam Mattress Toppers
  • Gel Memory Foam Toppers and Mattresses
  • Pillows – contour, cluster, 2-in-1, gusseted, etc
  • Specialty Items – Bed/Ottoman/Bench, Vibes Vibrating Lumbar Support Back Rest, and Vibes Massaging Gaming Chair


Where to Buy

This specific topper is available at Costco and; however, you can purchase additional  Sleep Innovations on as well as Costco, BJs, WalMart, Macy’s, Overstock, Kohls, Pamida and other fine merchants both online and locally.


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Photo Credit:  Sleep Innovations


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