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I’ve loved Earthbound Farm Organic’s salads for some time now.  Their Harvest Blend salad kit is a regular item in my Amazon Fresh shopping cart and at about $4.99 per kit, they’re a great way to have a salad as a meal for just about $2 each (those are two dinner size salads for us – a family of four could easily enjoy these for side salads). So when they let me know that they had some new PowerMeal™ kits, I jumped at the chance to try them!  Earthbound Farm Organic‘s salads are always fresh and they make great blends, so I eagerly awaited their arrival.

What I received were three amazing kits – all very different in taste.  Although these are meant to be single-serving salads, I shared two of them with my husband and the third I took to my sisters to enjoy as part of a game night buffet.  It was a fabulous addition to the offerings – light and fresh – and it stayed crisp and tasty.  Could I eat one by myself?  Of course, they’re delicious and so low in calories, but there’s plenty to share as well.

“In our busy world, meals that can deliver health, flavor and convenience are what consumers are longing for,” said Judy Chen, chief marketing officer for Earthbound Farm. “Consumers told us they want ready-to-eat salad meals that taste great, satisfy, and deliver a nutrient-dense punch. These all-organic PowerMeals, which are full of plant-based proteins, are a great answer to that search.”

Here are our thoughts about the new Earthbound Farm Organic kits:

  • Blueberry Quinoa Protein Balance PowerMeal™ (Ingredients | Nutrition facts)  This is one of the salads I shared with my hubby.  The tender baby spinach was a great accompaniment to the nutty quinoa.  I took a minute to break up the quinoa as it was a new taste and texture for the hubby.  We both loved the tangy dried blueberries and I enjoyed the dressing it arrived with.  The hubby will ONLY eat Ranch dressing and I added a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese to his.  Baby steps with him.
  • Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy PowerMeal™ (Ingredients | Nutrition facts)  This was by far my favorite of the three salads.  It was zesty on the edgy of spicy, with baby baby lettuces, black bean & corn salad, 5-seed corn strips, and sunflower seeds.  It looks a little strange in the package, but once you mix it all together you’re rewarded with the most flavorful and fresh salad.  I admit, I couldn’t help but add a teaspoon of organic sour cream – it just took it over the top.  The tomatillo verde dressing was fabulous.  This is one salad I’ll be searching out for seconds!
  • Cranberry Wheat Protein Boost PowerMeal™ (Ingredients | Nutrition facts)  This is the salad I took to my sister’s for game night.  Since it was just before Thanksgiving the cranberry flavor was spot on, although I love cranberries so much I eat them year round.  The salad was a mix of baby greens, whole grains, dried cranberries and more. The dressing added a sweet/tart flavor which was delicious!
All of the kits have 360 calories or less and the proteins are from vegetable sources (which is important to a vegetarian like me).  Prices range from $4.99-$5.99 so they’re a perfect and inexpensive lunch that’s high in nutritional content and lower in fat and calories.  Win – win!  Plus they’re working hard to make them green.  The ready-made organic salads come packaged in eco-friendly post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET clamshells.  There are individual bags inside, but they’re required to keep the ingredients fresh and to allow you to leave off anything you may have an allergy to.
Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy Salad Kit - black bean & corn salad Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy PowerMeal™ - individual packages

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  • Website – Blog, nutritional information, recipes, additional product information, and more.
  • Facebook – Until December 15, 2011, visit the PowerUp Penelope Facebook game page where you can play for great weekly prizes and a grand prize. Prizes increase in value depending on how many people are playing the game.  You can also find coupons posted on the page for discounts at your local supermarket.
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  • Where to Buy  – at nationwide retailers like Associated Food Stores, Costco, Safeway, Super Kmart, Super Target, Walmart, Whole Foods plus many small and independant stores.  To find a store near you, use the Store Locator page.
Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy PowerMeal™ -packaging Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy PowerMeal™ -packaging

About Earthbound Farm

Founded in 1984 on a 2.5-acre backyard garden, Earthbound Farm is one of the nation’s leading organic food brands. Earthbound Farm’s nationally lauded food safety program is unparalleled in the produce industry. The company offers more than 100 varieties of certified organic salads, fruits and vegetables grown on over 36,000 acres by 150 independent farmers. Taken together, those organic farming methods will keep more than 11.5 million pounds of conventional chemicals out of the soil, water and air during 2011 alone. In addition to organic farming, Earthbound Farm brings a sustainability ethic to its packaging, and was the first salad producer to convert all its rigid plastic packaging to 100 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) PETE plastic. The company also uses 99 percent PCR paperboard for its shipping cartons and 100 percent PCR paper in its business machines. For more information, visit Earthbound Farm’s website at

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