Well, at least not in our yard. Our Hummingbird feeders have been emptying at alarming rates lately. Which is weird since they should all be migrating. Sure, they need to fill up and top their tanks, but seriously, the 5 Humming Bird feeders scattered throughout our yard are being emptied almost daily and we can’t keep up with them.

Well, today I found out why.

Squirrel empties Humming Bird Feeder

Notice how nice and fat this squirrel is? It's not his first trip to the feeder.

I watched as his buddy climbed down on to the other feeder in this same tree and helped himself as well…the two of them are so fat! I guess they’ve found out that sugar water is worth working for! I did see we still have Hummingbirds visiting, but by the time they got there the feeder was empty, again. I’m not sure if I’m going to tell the hubby. He’s the chief bird feeder. He might stop filling them every other day and I had a lot of fun watching these guys hang upside down and drink the nectar.  And I SWEAR I saw the two of them high five after they each emptied their bottles.