I think PlanetBox‘s are the coolest invention ever!  As someone who packs her husband’s lunch and is tired of the number of plastic containers and baggies it takes to get his food to the job site in one piece, I couldn’t be happier to find a better way!  Plastic isn’t healthy and I’m trying to remove as much as possible from our lives and I have changed to BPA-free storage containers, but still, it’s something we need to think about and work towards lessening our exposure to.

That’s one reason I love the PlanetBox  lunch solution.  Not only is it plastic-free, it’s environmentally-friendly and  more importantly, it works beautifully!  Made from Stainless Steel, this little lunchbox is rugged and made to last.  It has 5 compartments sized to help you remember to pack nutritious lunches.  The large sections are for fruits, vegetables, and grains with a small area for a sweet treat.

PlanetBox How it Works Video

Bento box style lunches are so much fun for kids – taking everyday foods and in just a few minutes making them feel special is one way moms and dad’s can make their kids feel loved while they’re away at school.  In the 90’s  we did it for our boys with the tools available back then – baggies, Sharpies, and food coloring.  Lunch boxes have come a long way since then!  Plus, when you make food fun, kids are more likely to eat it.

One of my favorite blogs is Mommy Moment.  Jody uses a PlanetBox to make lunches for her daughter and everyday she photographs the lunch and shares it with her readers.  Here’s a post on how she makes them as well as links to some of her fun creations.  Don’t worry if you aren’t as creative or don’t have as much time as Jody. The PlanetBox lets you make lunch look special no matter what you put in it.  And the fun non-PVC magnets you add to the top let you personalize it as well. Plus the box grows with your child – the same box that’s perfect in kindergarten will still be just right in High School because the design changes as your child does.  The PlanetBox Facebook page is another great place to get lunch ideas.  The thing I noticed most about lunches on both sites it that these are some healthy lunches!

Lovables Star of the Weeks Frog in the Bulrushes Jack O’Lantern
Photo Credit –Mommy Moment – visit her site for more great ideas and simple instructions on how you can use
cookie cutters and a few tools to make these fabulous lunches!


New Green Carry Case - photo credit Planetbox.com

New Green Carry Case - photo credit Planetbox.com

To complete the box there’s a fabulous carry bag which comes in several colors.  It provides additional storage for snacks and a water bottle and it has a pocket to hold a cold pack so your food stays fresh.  Everything wipes clean and the box is also dishwasher safe. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the “dippers.”  They’re round containers that you can fill with your soft foods like yogurt, salads, etc.  They seal once the box lid is closed but they can also be slipped into a pocket of the carry case (dry foods only in this instance).  They’re also stainless steel, have a gasket to prevent leaks, and clean easily.

PlanetBox‘s are great gifts.  First kids will love the unique shape and style and the fun way their food is packed and mom and dad will love it because it makes preparing lunches easy and clean up a snap.  So give one to a family member, friend, or child who’s looking for a sustainable way to pack lunch.

Prices range from $35 for a basic kit up to $59 for the full meal deal.  With plastic lunchboxes costing $7-$19, that’s a fabulous deal considering you’ll get years of use out of it!  Seriously, I love this thing!  So much so that I considered keeping it for the hubby because it’d sure make my life easier, but it’s such a fabulous item that I wanted you all to have a chance to see for yourself, so we’re I’m giving it away!

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One lucky reader will win a PlanetBox Complete which includes a PlanetBox, 1 set of magnets, 1 Big and 1 Little Dipper container, and Carry Bag – total retail $59.95. Awesome, huh!

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