The makers of Moon Dough listened and they’ve just released a new dough formula and parents have noticed!  This new dough is less crumbly and never dries out.  Plus it’s non-toxic and scent-free and the colors are brighter than ever.   And the dough arrives in blocks inside resealable packages making storage easier.  Add to that the new Push n’ Pop molding tools and it makes playing with the Dough  more fun than before.

Several new themed sets are available with this new dough:

The Moon Dough Breakfast Set set allows your little one to create play breakfast foods.  The new Push n’ Pop tools make it easy to mold toast, waffles, pancakes, and more.  Comes with 3 Push ‘n Pop Tools, 2 colors of Dough, 3-topping twisty molds, and a reusable playmat.

Moon Dough Ocean Pals – make a whale, turtle, or octopus with this fun set.  Includes 3 Push ‘N Pop Tools, 3-character twisty mold, reusable playmat and 2 colors of moon dough

Moon Dough Tips

Playing on a flat, clean and smooth surface is best.  Covering the surface with a plastic sheet or something similar will make clean-up easier.  Also the Moon Dough sticks to itself so use it to pick up bits and pieces that have escaped.  For complete removal advice from clothing, carpets, and more visit their website and click on Parent Resources.  Moon dough won’t dry out, but putting it away in the resealable bags will get it tidy.

This fun modeling toy makes a great gift for toddlers and preschoolers and encourages imaginative play and works on dexterity skills.


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