If you have a preschooler at home, I’m sure you know what’s in store for the winter season: sniffles, sneezes and scratchy throats. Aside from eating a healthy, nutritious diet in order to keep their immune systems heavy on the defense, young children should be washing their hands more frequently during these colder months to keeps the germs away — germs from school, the playground and general day to day activities.

With the new SoapTime® SmartBase® children will be encouraged to wash their hands for the proper amount of time it actually takes to really get them clean, 20 seconds. During “wash time” kids will be entertained by the SmartBase®. with fun, flashing lights, kid-friendly tunes and educational facts, all based on the theme of the soap bottle. For an example, check out my short video below that shows Angelina (4) using the Elephant theme bottle (purple) while learning some fun facts about the loveable creatures and a few of his zoo friends. When the music and lights stop, parents can rest assured that their child’s tiny hands are germ-free and ready for the next adventure.

SoapTime Elephant Dispenser with Music for Kids

Buy Talking Kids Soap online at MySoapTime.comOther themes available are “A,B,C” (orange) and Earth (green), each of which are compatible with the same interactive SmartBase®. Simply buy the refills online or at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond and snap them right into base which will last for about 2500 uses before needing a battery replacement.

Soap Time Mission (from the site):  “SoapTime® products were created to give children of all ages a fun & engaging experience at the sink, while providing parents a tool for teaching healthy habits for life.”

Final Thought: My daughter loved the SoapTime® and SmartBase® and it definitely did what it was designed to do — encourage healthy hygiene habits. The scents were pleasant, not overdone at all and the colors were pretty easy to match with either bathroom we used it in. The only thing I’m not crazy about is how cumbersome the whole unit is. In our old bathroom we had a large counter, which you can see in the video, and it fit fine but in our new house we have a smaller pedestal sink and the base does not fit around the edge so we have to keep it on a different shelf and remember to bring it down when we’re washing up.

By the way,  unique everyday items like these soaps make a great holiday gifts and especially fun stocking stuffers!

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