2011 Family Gift Pick - Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

Family Game Night is important to us, but as the kids got older and eventually grew up and moved out, it got harder.  With jobs and travel, the only time we seem to be able to plan a night together is on a holiday, and this year is no different.  Still, even though our schedules take us far and wide, I do believe we all look forward to getting together to laugh, joke, and talk smack talk during a good game.

2011 Family Gift Pick - Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition - Electronic Banking Unit - no more messy money!

We have several favorites, but Monopoly always seems to be near the top.  We’ve had lots of editions over the years including a Jr. version when they were little, but like the kids, Monopoly has grown up as well.  Now there’s an Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition and while I’m normally not a fan of taking a great board game and making it electronic just for the sake of adding bells and whistles, this time I’m all for it.  Why?  Because the electronics replace the part of the game I found annoying – the money.  The whole, “Who’s going to be the banker,” and “keep your money on your side,” issues are replaced by “how do I check my balance?” and “goodness the prices for property have gone up!”  But I love the electronic addition and the whole discussion on banking, credit cards, etc., one can have with a child while you “play” the game.  And because the property prices are more realistic than the traditional game, it’s fun for older kids too and lends itself to discussions about wages and housing prices.

So this is a must-have-family game in my opinion and a great gift for any family.  Even if they already own a traditional game (or several of the themed games like we do), this game adds another layer that makes it feel like an upgrade and something different altogether.

Want suggestions for having a great Family Game Night?  Check out the Family Game Night Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.  It doesn’t matter what game you play, just get together for some undivided family time – your whole family will benefit.

2011 Family Gift Pick - Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Bank Cards

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Details

  • Includes:  Gameboard, electronic banking unit, title deed cards, Chance and Community Chest Cards, 6 bank cards, 2 dice, 6 tokens, 32 houses, 12 hotels and instructions
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 8 – 12 years
  • Batteries: Requires 2 AAA (not included)
  • ARV: $32.99

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